Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts is celebrating its annual Vitality Week this June. The hotel chain wants to inspire guests to recharge via a call to action called ‘Power the Heart, Boost the Soul.’ The international hotel chain is inviting locals and guests to maintain their mental wellness and physical fitness. This will be done by enjoying invigorating and nourishing food, and participating in activities and services at Swissôtel locations all around the world.


Feel energized for the summer months ahead as Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts celebrate its annual Vitality Week this June.

The Vitality Week of Swissotel will kick-off on June 4. It will end on Global Wellness Day on June 9. Throughout the week, special Vitality events and activities for physical fitness and mental wellness will be introduced. Hotels across the Swissôtel network will also feature a variety of Vitality Week brand rituals.

Five Tibetan Rites – Swiss Edition

The Five Tibetan Rites are five simple exercises that invigorate the body and mind. There is no need for equipment or preparation. Swissôtel makes it easy to get started on the path of physical fitness and mental wellness.

The hotel chain has paired each pose with an empowering thought to set intentions and activate energy flow. A guide to the activity will be provided to guests in their hotel rooms. They will also be able to access online at so guests can continue to practice their poses and thoughts at home.

Vitality Express Massage

Vitality Express massages are designed to aid those in need of some timely R&R. A trained masseur will bring a massage chair to guestrooms or lounge areas for a 15-minute neck, shoulder and head massage. It’s just enough to work out the kinks and increase well-being.

Smoothie Trio

Freshly squeezed vegetables and fruit juices are an excellent remedy for fatigue. These are essential to Swissôtel’s popular range of Vitality drinks. The new trio of smoothies will include a morning kick-off smoothie and a high-noon smoothie. At night, guests can have an evening siesta smoothie.

Swissotel Hotels & Resorts Vitality Week

Energy Coffee

Energy Coffee

A healthy start to the day begins with a balanced breakfast and a boost of energy. Swissôtel has developed delicious and wholesome energy coffees with invigorating spices such as ground cinnamon, ginger and cardamom to improve mental wellness by increasing energy and lifting moods. Energy coffees may be served in the hotel restaurants or in takeaway cups in the hotel lobby of participating Swissotels.