Visiting a gold leaf factory in Hokuriku, Japan to find out the benefits of gold for skin care. And about drinking plum wine with gold flakes.

Yesterday in the Hokuriku region of Japan, living a #Travelife, we visited a factory in an ancient samurai town that has been making gold leaf for generations.

It was lots of fun, not only to see the beautiful products made with gold leaf, but also to try our hand at making postcards using gold paper and silver paper.

It was like an enjoyable arts and crafts class. Or like summer camp.


I also got to try a skin lotion that had flecks of gold in it.

At first I thought this was only a marketing ploy, but after a few hours, I have to say that my skin was really noticeable smoother and softer.

When I did some online research, I found out that gold is supposed to be an excellent skin brightener, moisturiser and anti-aging ingredient.

On sale everywhere now. Scroll down to read more….


I was so tempted to buy this skin lotion, save for the fact that I have dozens of skin products from my travels all over the world, and most of these have still not been used.

They’re in one cabinet, gathering dust until I’m able to use them.

So I made a vow to myself not to buy anything more until I finish what I have — and that’s going to take a pretty long time.

There’s even cake baked with gold leaf


Fortunately, I found a box of gold flakes that were packaged specifically to sell to women who would like to place these gold flakes into the skin care products they already use.

This was exactly what I wanted.


I also found an award-winning plum wine, called ume-shu, with a little plastic bag of gold flakes attached to it.

You’re supposed to put the gold flakes in when you open the bottle of this plum wine.

How nice was that? I bought several of these bottles as well, to serve to friends when I have dinners at home.

However, if these gold flakes prove really effective for skin care, I may end up just serving the plum wine sans the gold flakes, and putting all the gold flakes into my skin lotions, living a never-ending, and never-endingly “golden” Travelife.