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Two dinners and one of our editors, playing on a Steinway grand piano

When I walked into my first sit-down dinner tonight, in Manila living a never-ending Travelife, the topic over pre-dinner cocktails was the one-upmanship situation between Taiwan and China.

It was terribly interesting, especially as the guests were all extremely knowledgeable about history and geopolitics.

Then over dinner we discussed Japanese literature at our end of the table.

Someone asked me for my suggestions on great Japanese literature.

Without hesitation, I said I liked the novelist Junichiro Tanizaki, who penned the post-war masterpiece called The Makioka Sisters, about a proud Osaka family that was slowly becoming impoverished.

The control with which Tanizaki approaches this delicate subject is really beautiful.


From this dinner in North Forbes, I proceeded to my second sit-down dinner, which was the one I had organized for 16 friends at Mr. Jaded’s lovely house, a couple of blocks away in South Forbes.

He had very kindly offered his house and caterer, and all I had to do was organize the guests.

I invited some people who have gone on Travelife trips with me.

A Travelife editor on the piano…

Then I also asked some of my contributing editors to join us. It was a very nice mix of people and the topic for most of the night was about travel, of course.

After dinner, one of the Travelife editors was persuaded to start playing on Mr. Jaded’s beautiful Steinway grand piano, while one of Travelife’s directors was persuaded to sing.

We had such a great time enjoying the music and singing along.

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I specifically asked for songs we knew, and my talented editor started churning out one nice song after another, including “This Girl’s in Love with You,” and “Kahit ika’y panaginip lang.”

I really like the melody and lyrics of the song “Kahit ika’y panaginip lang,” by the way.

Some of the great contributing editors at Travelife Magazine…

Someone said: “Wow, the people at Travelife are so talented. They can write, they can play the piano, and they can sing.”

They make great company, too.

What can I say? This is just one of the many reasons why we’re the leading travel and lifestyle publication.

It’s a wonderful night practically every evening of my never-ending Travelife. But tonight with its two sit-down dinners, three ambassadors, three contributing editors, and 12 other friends, was certainly one for the books.



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