Travelife hosts a tea pairing luncheon for ambassadors at the TWG Salon in Resorts World Manila

A Travelife around the world
with some of the best teas in the world…

Today was one of those very busy but very happy days in a never-endingly eventful Travelife.

Somewhere in the last 12 hours, I found time to get a Pilates lesson with Brenda Lim of UP Pilates, write part 2 of my India feature and oversee the initial layouts of the next issue, host a luncheon at the TWG Salon in Resorts World for 45 people, including over 35 ambassadors and their wives, and give a speech tonight at a Rotary Club.

Ambassador of Indonesia
holds a copy of the latest issue of Travelife
with his interview in it.

It was all lots of fun and, surprisingly, I’m home at a decent enough time to finish a short blog entry and get some sleep.

Travelife Marketing Manager Meg Caligner
with Ambassador Bill Twedell of Australia

Too many things to finish tomorrow, you see, and then soon I’m off to another country on another Travelife — albeit a short one. But it involves a stay at one of Asia’s most talked-about new hotels and five nights of Michelin restaurants.

I’m really looking forward to this holiday.

Having a laugh with the Ambassadors of Switzerland and the Netherlands.
Behind them are the Ambassadors of Germany and Turkey.

Lunch today was a great success.

I was really touched that so many ambassadors and their wives made time to accept my invitation for A Travelife around the World with Tea luncheon at the TWG Salon.

The Ambassador of Israel and Madame enjoy a cup of tea.
Opposite them is the newly-arrived Ambassador of Italy and Madame of Netherlands.

It was practically a United Nations at the TWG Salon today, and I personally enjoyed seeing everyone.


The ambassadors and their wives who couldn’t make it for one reason or another also took the time to personally send me notes of regret.

I was sorry they couldn’t make it, but I was really touched that even their regrets came in the form of personal emails and handwritten notes — especially as these are all from very busy people.

The TWG Salon was full of ambassadors today,
joined by some airline country managers and hotel general managers.

The Ambassador of India couldn’t make it today, but he so kindly even sent me some tea from India — so he was really there in spirit, and I made sure everyone else knew of his very nice gesture.

The specialty teas for 45 VIPs are being prepared….

For the Travelife lunch at the TWG Salon today, we had a very good three-course lunch which began with a seafood chowder.

Then, all my guests were offered a choice of teas to go with their main course of a signature TWG salad or lamb.

The country managers of Thai Airways, Japan Airlines
and the Ambassadors of France, Australia, Indonesia and Chile, and their spouses,
are all focused on selecting their TWG teas.

For dessert, we offered another choice of exotic teas along with a choice of a chocolate cake or a poached pear — both served with incredible tea-based ice creams.

Belinda Laker, wife of the Sofitel GM, chooses from our tea selection.
Behind her are the Ambassadors of Austria, the Czech Republic, Russia and Sri Lanka.

I think everyone had fun choosing teas and remembering places associated with teas that had such lovely names as Weekend in Marrakech, Weekend in Istanbul, Weekend in St. Tropez or Weekend in Moscow.

The TWG Salon at Resorts World, which is the largest TWG salon in the world,
was full of VIPs for the Travelife lunch today.

I asked some good friends among the ambassadors to share some memories that the teas evoked for them, and the Ambassadors of South Africa, France, Australia and Switzerland were kind enough to oblige me with wonderful stories and comments.

All in all, a unique and very enjoyable event. I was so glad we did this.

Eva Simmons, wife of the Hyatt GM, has a nice chat
with the wife of the German Ambassador

Let’s just enjoy ourselves,” I said to everyone at the beginning of lunch, echoing my mantra for everyday living, as well as for a never-endingly eventful Travelife.

Happiness is easy when you don’t complicate things and just focus on the present.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you just focus on the present, it’s possible to be happy for two minutes, two hours, two days, or two weeks.

It’s the happily-ever-after part that gets tricky.

So few people really get the total happiness package in one go. But if you are able to collect enough of those two-hour, two-day or two-week happiness experiences, you will end up with a pretty happy life overall.

Yesterday, seeing so many dear friends 
and having a really good cup of rooibos tea,
along with this plate of macarons, made me really happy.
The rooibos tea made me remember a wonderful Travelife to South Africa.

So stop waiting for the big one to come. Be happy with whatever you can find every single day.

Good night, after another truly wonderful day in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.