Three Guys and a Grill: The Best Sausages and Burgers in Town


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Three Guys and A Grill started as a small hole in the wall in the heart of Poblacion in 2017. But the premium quality of the products quickly caused a clamoring for these Euro-inspired sausages and burgers. Now, Three Guys and A Grill has over five branches around Metro Manila.

Founded by Duncan Gates from New Zealand and Tom Thurnherr from Switzerland, Three Guys and A Grill showcases the best of grilled meats that you can enjoy on any occasion; be it for a quick bite or a late night snack after drinks with friends. Meanwhile, Filipino business partner Pepper Teehankee, the “third guy” at the grill, serves as the team’s local food and flavor expert. As a big foodie himself, Pepper offers a lot of ideas to ensure that their diners continue to enjoy their sausages and burgers.

The restaurant only uses deli quality sausages and daily grinded beef patties, with fresh baked breads and flavorful toppings and signature homemade sauces. Although the sausage-dogs and burgers are deliciously reminiscent of Europe, Filipinos will enjoy the familiar flavors of locally sourced natural ingredients in the sandwiches.


Three Guys and A Grill offers a diverse range of sausages that will satisfy any diner’s craving.

The Posh Dog is a juicy German pork bratwurst with toppings of truffle honey mustard, grilled onions, and organic cheese. For spicy kick, try the Bird Dog to taste the curry chicken sausage with sriracha mayo and homemade ketchup; topped with grilled onions and freshly sliced pickles.

Brunch-goers should try the Breakfast Dog for a delicious all-in-one-meal with two pork grillers and an omelet onion drizzled with sweet jam and barbecue sauce.

Don’t be intimidated by the size of these sausages. Order the Sausage Fest and share 12 mini sausages with two dipping sauces and crispy chips.


Three Guys and Grill always serve pure beef patty, toasted potato buns, and their special sauce for the whopping burgers. And these items have become as popular – if not more so – as their sausages.

Named after co-founder Thurnherr, the Tommy Burger is the classic burger with a crisp lettuce, onion, tomato, and cheddar cheese. For a taste of Texas, chomp on the Texas Hold Em Burger, which is drizzled in homemade barbecue sauce. The Kiwiana Burger, named after the Kiwi bird in New Zealand, is a tall order containing a symphony of flavors. Aside from the tender beef patty and fresh toppings, it also contains the sweetness of grilled pineapples and the juiciness of a perfectly fried egg.


At the end of the day, Three Guys and A Grill created a delicious restaurant concept unique in the Philippines. Diners who had had no idea on the difference between a hotdog and a sausage will taste enlightenment at Three Guys and A Grill.