The Wooloomooloo Group of Hong Kong serves up hearty steaks to usher in the holiday season


The Wooloomooloo Group of Hong Kong has something in store for meat lovers around the world. As it celebrates its 12th anniversary, The Wooloomooloo Group of Hong Kong invites diners to taste, nay, to experience the world’s most gorgeous cuts of beef at The Wooloomooloo Prime. 

Porterhouse steak at The Wooloomooloo Prime
From October to December, a plethora of indulgent steaks and meat dishes will be made available at The Wooloomooloo Prime, with German, Spanish, and Australian beef claiming the spotlight. Here’s a lip-smacking preview for those who wish to get their steak fix for the holidays: 

A plate of Galician Octopus & Iberico Chorizo at 
The Wooloomooloo Prime helps make the meal complete

October: German Simmental beef

Expect to be faced with steaks with good marbling combined with leaner cuts and depth of flavor with German Simmental beef. Considered to be one of the world’s most underrated cuts, German Simmental beef comes from select cattle that roam and graze freely in premium cattle farms in Bavaria. 

To help bring out the richness of Simmental beef flavor, it is dry aged on the bone for a minimum of 30 days. The Wooloomooloo Prime will be serving Simmental beef filet, ribeye, and sirloin. 

Free range dry aged beef at The Wooloomooloo Prime

November: Spanish Galician beef and Iberian delights 

Spanish Galician beef allows diners to taste the difference of expertly dried aged beef. Cattle from this region of Spain live up to 15 years, giving way to tremendously tender and flavorful cuts whose qualities are further amplified by an additional 30 to 90 days of dry aging.

Of course, a Spanish feast isn’t complete with tapas and other small bites on the side, so The Wooloomooloo Prime also will also be offering small but tasty plates like the Galician Octopus & Iberico Chorizo, a Spanish Charcuterie Tasting Platter, six-month aged Iberico Pata Negra ham, 24-month aged Serrano ham, Iberico Bellota Chorizo, Cecina de Leon, Iberico Fuet salami, and a Spanish cheese selection alongside main events of Galician beef ribeye, sirloin, and short bone in ribeye

The Wooloomooloo Prime serves a Spanish Charcuterie Tasting Platter 
as a delicious supplement to its Galician beef dishes 

December: Australian Wagyu beef 

The Wooloomooloo Prime Australian Wagyu Tomahawk is the crown jewel of the menu and its undisputed signature cut. It comes from the famed Stockyard Farms in Australia where cattle live in a strictly stress-free environment and cared for by an in-house Japanese nutritionist who recommends a grain-only diet for cattle. 

The Wooloomooloo Prime will be tempting tastebuds with A4-5 Wagyu filet, A6-7 Wagyu ribeye, A9+ Wagyu sirloin, and A5 Wagyu Bone-in prime rib.  

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