The slow road to Colombo from Sigiriya

At the Amaya Lake Hotel yesterday in Sri Lanka, living a Travelife….

Hello from a shopping stop on the slow road to Colombo from Sigiriya, living a Travelife.

Earlier, as we were starting out on this arduous journey, after a very lovely lunch at the Amaya Lake Resort around the Kandalama Reservoir, I’d texted a friend who’d come along twice on trips to Sri Lanka with me, and specifically to Sigiriya.

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I’d texted: “I’m on the long road back to Colombo from Kandalama.”

I was practically sighing as I typed this message on my phone, as I am not good at all with long drives.

Thinking about this, I can’t believe how I’ve actually done this drive five times already. I’ll probably do a few more of these as well, as I’m thinking of organizing a Sri Lanka Luxe Tour sometime with all my favorite sights and hotels.

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Anyway, this friend replied quickly with a correction: “It’s not a long road, it’s a slow road.

I had to laugh.

He was right, actually, and he knew what he was talking about as he’s done that same drive twice. In terms of distance, the Sigiriya/ Kandalama area is not far at all. If I was driving this same distance on a highway in Japan, I’d cover it in just over an hour.


But there are no highways in Sri Lanka, save for a short one that connects a suburb of Colombo to the fort town of Galle, so it’s really a slow road rather than a long one.

Think 25 km or 30 km per hour.


To break the trip today, we stopped in a handloom factory to buy all kinds of spun cotton products, including colorful pillow covers, table napkins, and table cloths.

Everyone was pretty busy shopping as the goods were high quality and the prices were very reasonable.

As for me, well, I was on the free WiFi in the store as soon as possible, updating everyone on my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife — much of it spent today on a never-ending slow road to Colombo.