The Night Beach: the coolest hangout in Bordeaux is at the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux

On our last evening in Bordeaux a few days ago, living a Travelife, we climbed twice to the rooftop of the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux for drinks and a look at the view.

Not very many visitors to Bordeaux know about this special venue, but this is definitely the nicest place to be sitting around on a fine evening with a cocktail or a glass of champagne.


The Grand Hotel de Bordeaux is in the center of the old town — right amidst all the lovely architecture — and the hotel has placed tables, chairs and comfortable sofas with large pillows on the rooftop so you can enjoy the views and have a great time.

They call it the Night Beach. It’s got the best breezes in the city and there’s chill music playing all night.

The sun doesn’t set for a very long time in Europe in the summer, by the way, so there’s a very long window of opportunity for relaxing in such a place.


We went to the rooftop for a cocktail before dinner at Le Pressoir D’Argent, the hotel’s fine dining restaurant.

I really wanted to see how Bordeaux looked from on top in the daytime, and this is probably the only place in the whole city that you will be able to do so.


Then, after dinner, we returned for some post-dinner drinks just to take in the night view.

How lovely Bordeaux looks, whether in the daytime or at night.

The next day we were off to Paris to catch flights out of Europe — thus ending just another wonderful journey in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.