The most famous dishes at Kempinski Hotels

Last February, the general managers of Kempinski Hotels worldwide gathered in Berlin for an annual meeting.

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At this meeting, Reto Wittwer, President and CEO of Kempinski Hotels issued a challenge to all the general managers gathered in Berlin:

“Does your hotel have a signature dish that is —

– Popular with the hotel’s guests?
– Has a history/story attached to it?
– Is unique in its preparation and ingredients?
– Is related and relevant to its location?
– Is timeless and not bound to its creator and most importantly
– Can you cook it?”

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As they say ‘ the proof is in the pudding’ and last February, each Kempinski General Manager had to demonstrate his or her skills with the spatula and present the hotel’s signature dish.

The range was as varied as Kempinski’s hotels around the world:

The Tugra Testi Kebab 
at Ciragan Palace in Istanbul 

The historical Lobster Bisque at the 
Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg 
created in 1909

The curry sausage 
at Hotel Adlon in Berlin 
with its secret homemade sauce 

The guineau fowl curry
at the Kempinski Hotel in the Seychelles

Hainan Chicken rice 
at Kempinski Hotel Haitang Bay, Sanya

Bubur Ayam chicken porridge 
at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta 

All 70 dishes were cooked and tasted at the hotel school in Landshut.

Reto Wittwer, on issuing his challenge, said: “Our strategic vision is for Kempinski to become an undisputed leader in the hotel and restaurant industry.”

He continued:  “Kempinski has a fine heritage in gastronomy, and this is what we want to build on. I asked our general managers to ‘walk the talk” while at the same time honoring and respecting the local culture our hotels are located in.”