The most beautiful luxury hotel in Paris is the Shangri-la Paris

This is a long overdue post regarding my trip to Paris last month, and the lovely Shangri-la Paris.

Everyday on that trip, there were at least three things to write about, if not more, and so I had to choose one and save the rest for later.

Otherwise, I would have spent my entire trip glued to my computer instead of living a Travelife.

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I’ve stayed in almost all the great and grand hotels in Paris by now, and most of the these have been wonderful experiences.

A nice touch of Asian, with Japanese green tea as a choice for a welcome drink.

For this most recent trip, I chose the Shangri-la Paris for two reasons:

1) It’s the newest grand hotel to open in Paris. It’s also not very big, so it has a very private and exclusive atmosphere compared to the other hotels. Some of the other famous hotels have too many tourists coming in and out.

2) I had it on good authority that the owners and the CEO of one of the world’s top luxury hotel chains (that doesn’t have a hotel in Paris as of this writing) always stay there and are raving about it. They don’t want to stay anywhere else now.


The Shangri-la Paris is in a very nice area of the city, near the Plaza Athenee and the George V.

It’s housed in a mansion that once used to be owned by and lived in by the Bonaparte family, although not by Napoleon himself.

On my way to breakfast.
The congee at the Shangri-la Paris is the best in the city…

In terms of prices, all the hotels in Paris at this five-star deluxe/ grand hotel level are basically the same price, give or take a few euros, so I didn’t bother to shop around for a cheaper room at a similar category hotel.

I really wanted to stay at the Shangri-la Paris this time around.


The living room of my suite at the Shangri-la Paris

The other thing I really wanted was a lovely room with an equally lovely view.

Like everyone else, there are some things I’ll happily splurge on and some things I’ll happily scrimp on when traveling, because most of us can never have everything we want in this world.

And two of the things I’ll happily splurge on are nice hotels and good meals.

I don’t need to shop up a storm when I travel, but I definitely can’t stay in a lousy hotel on a Travelife.


Just look at how high the ceiling of my living room is…

My suite at the Shangri-la Paris was really beautiful — the kind that takes your breath away for a moment, when you enter.

The suite consisted of two floors, and the living room was completely open so that you had two storeys of height.

Talk about a dramatic entrance.

The view from the Shangri-la Paris

In one corner was a staircase that led to the ensuite bedroom and a large walk-in closet.

It also had double exposures including a large terrace with a marvelous view — this alone is really quite rare in Paris.


A very nice welcome to Paris

This suite is perfect for traveling with family or friends because you can close it up at a main entrance for two bedrooms. There’s an adjoining bedroom connected to the suite via a long private corridor.

Once you close the door, it’s really just like a fancy apartment in the best area of Paris — except you get great room service and the best congee breakfast in Paris.

Or perhaps the best congee breakfast vs. anywhere in Europe for that matter.

The living room of my suite

We had Parisian friends over for champagne at sunset on one evening before a very nice dinner out somewhere.

It was the perfect place to begin just another memorable night in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.