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The Mind Museum’s HIGH ON SCI-FI traveling exhibition now open


The Mind Museum is proud to announce the opening of its third traveling exhibition entitled, HIGH ON SCI-FI, at the Canopy Plaza. Visit the museum this December and discover the science behind the fiction of your favorite sci-fi character

#HighOnSciFi is on a LIMITED RUN.

Sci-Fi_EBlast 1218


#ForeverLab: Will You Still Love Me at 150? is a collection of experiences, provocations,and objects that examine our personal and cultural quest for longer lifespans,and the personal & social implications if we succeed in this endeavor.

What have we encountered, in science and in our beliefs,

to improve our lifespans and healthspans?

What are the social implications of longevity?

What will you do if you could live to be 150 years old?

Find out the science behind longevity at our newest exhibition! FOREVER starts October 13.

This is the second traveling exhibition of The Mind Museum, aiming to bring science closer to Filipinos all over the country. See it at the museum, before it travels to its next destination!


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