The irrepressible Juvenal Sanso

Tonight I was really supposed to be packing for my Travelife to Spain tomorrow.

But I just couldn’t resist heading over to the Makati Shangri-la to see a very special exhibition of the artworks of painter Juvenal Sanso.

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The exhibition was organized by my good friend Jack Teotico.

Jack is one of Manila’s most prominent art collectors and art authorities, to celebrate Sanso’s 65 years in art.


Inseparably Drawn
Acrylic on paper

For this event, Sanso actually provided never-before-seen artworks from his own collection.

So most of the paintings at this one-night event had never passed through another gallery or collector before.

With Fervent Affection
Acrylic on paper

And, as the works are direct from the artist himself, who was present at the exhibit, their provenance is beyond question.

This is really important, especially in these times, when there are so many cases of forgeries or imitations of styles of famous painters.


Parturient Longings
Acrylic on paper

It really was an excellent exhibit and sale.

Each piece was technically perfect.

And I saw several that particularly stood out for being created in the style he is known for, and yet also of a different genre from his usual landscape and seascape paintings.

One of the paintings even tugged at my heartstrings. It’s not among these photos, though, in case you’re wondering. But the photos here did make it to my initial shortlist.

A Newly-Discovered Passion
Acrylic on paper

I’ve met Sanso several times before.

At one of his retrospectives, he even told me a couple of wartime stories. And at another exhibit, we’d even cut the ribbon together, along with the Ambassador of Spain.

Sanso and me…

But tonight I just couldn’t resist finally asking for his autograph.

He actually wrote a very funny dedication to me which, unfortunately, I can’t print here.

But I can tell you that it certainly made this evening even more memorable than the usual evenings, in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.