Christine Cunanan for The Frequent Flier in Travelife Magazine

Israel is a great destination for a foodtrip. Most travelers go to undertake a pilgrimage to the Holy Land or to visit the historic sites, as it is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

These are indeed most noteworthy reasons to visit. But there are at least a thousand other reasons as well. So in this issue of Travelife Magazine, we give you Israel Uncovered. 

Visiting the Dead Sea in Israel
Visiting the Dead Sea in Israel

Meeting the artists and chefs of Israel

This is our stories of the people we met in Israel, including famous artists and chefs. And how they have taken part in creating a vibrant country out of ancient sand and stone.

We met top jewellers and artists in Jerusalem, several fashion designers in Tel Aviv, and one of the best chefs in Israel. The latter lives in Akko, which is in the northern part of Israel.

Travelife Magazine in Israel
Travelife Magazine in Israel

The tales they told us are inspiring and compelling. We learned how the diversity of the people who moved to Israel has turned into unity, strengthening Israel’s contemporary culture rather than diluting it. This is Israel in the 21st century, and it is as interesting as Israel in the 2nd century.

Homestay in Mongolia with eagle hunters

As always, this issue of Travelife is full of amazing adventures, all written by our columnists. Dondi Joseph’s adventure on a homestay in Mongolia. He stayed with a family of eagle hunters in Mongolia, living in a tent.

His story left me in awe and giggles. So by the end, I was pondering a similar homestay just because he’d described it in such an enjoyable way.

The eagle hunters of Mongolia
Photo by Dondi Joseph

Cooking in San Sebastian

Meanwhile, Michelle Barrera spent several weeks in the glorious gastronomic city of San Sebastian in Spain. She arrived for her brother’s wedding and ended up at Mimo, a cooking school right next to the Maria Cristina Hotel in San Sebastian. She and her family loved every delicious minute of it.

Cruising in Hawaii with Norwegian Cruise Lines

The NCL Cruise Line boat Pride of America, sailing along Kauai, Hawaii

Julian Wondorf spent a week on a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) cruise ship discovering the most remote islands of Hawaii. What a wonderful idea to board a boat in Honolulu and to wake up in a different island each morning, ready for exploring the best of each destination.

The onshore activities offered by the Pride of America in Hawaii included diving, sunrise mountain hikes, and even a helicopter ride.

Yoga holiday in Danang

At the Fusion Suites in Danang for a yoga holiday
At the Fusion Suites in Danang for a yoga holiday

Finally, my own travels took me to the city of Danang in Central Vietnam for a wellness and yoga holiday.

In Danang, we checked into a city hotel by the beach that offered free aerial yoga lessons and foot massages with a view of the “Golden Mile.” Yes, the foot massages were included in the hotel rate, so every night at 8 PM we got our Vietnamese therapeutic foot massages.

Aerial yoga at the Fusion Suites in Danang
Aerial yoga at the Fusion Suites in Danang

Roast duck and oyster omelette in Taiwan

Thehn it was on to Taipei for a weekend food trip. We booked Le Palais, the only Michelin three-star restaurant in Taiwan, on one night, to taste their famous roast duck. On the following night, we did a 180 degree turn and walked to the night market to eat the famous oyster omelette of Taiwan at a busy canteen.

At the night market of Taipei
At the night market of Taipei

Both dining experiences were delicious and special. We loved the Michelin three-star duck, of course; but the oyster omelette at the biggest night market in Taipei was enjoyable too.

Wherever we are, we search for the best experiences with discernment, flexibility, a consciousness of context, and a sense of fun and adventure. This is our philosophy for living a #Travelife.