The genius of Japanese designer Issey Miyake and about his stylish, functional clothes

Just before stepping out for a concert in a mix of pink Issey Miyake,
living a #Travelife….

Here’s a funny story about the clothes of Issey Miyake, one of the greatest Japanese designers and the only one whose clothes I avidly buy with a passion. This guy makes clothes that are fluid and comfortable and I’ve never worn an Issey Miyake outfit that I didn’t feel good in.

At least until last month.

Last month I was in Tokyo and on the lookout for more interesting clothes at the Issey Miyake stores. Not everything he designs looks good on me, but I’ve been wearing his clothes for so long that I can usually tell at a glance, without even trying the outfit on, whether it’ll suit me or not.

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I was on a very short trip to Tokyo, you see, and I’d had all of ten minutes to pop into the Issey Miyake boutiques in Omotesando to see his new designs. This was when I saw a new design  I thought would suit me, and it was available in three colors.

Needing to get out of Omotesando quickly, I grabbed the three colors and went to pay.

This is from a party last Tuesday with
Charisse Chuidian, Grace Ang and Karen Beltran.
And that’s one of my favourite Issey blouses…

Issey Miyake clothes are not cheap, of course, but they’re worth every yen. I’ve used the ones I own forever and, now, having mostly Issey Miyake in my closets saves me a lot of time trying to decide on an appropriate outfit.

Everything is appropriate with his designs, and you feel comfortable wearing an Issey Miyake regardless of occasion. They’re also completely maintenance free so I love bringing these clothes on trips.

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Don’t you want to even try the clothes on?” The sales lady at the counter asked me, quite shocked at seeing me grab three dresses and rush to pay as if I was buying three cans of Coke at the 7-11 convenience store.

I said to her: “No need. I know I’ll like them.

Then she continued: “But don’t you even want to know how to wear them?

By then the clothes were in a heap on the counter so they looked simply like masses of fabric with a couple of strings sticking out.

At a party for Holocaust survivors
hosted by the Ambassador of Israel.
And that’s a green Issey Miyake blouse
with flowers on one shoulder…

I’d been wearing Issey Miyake for years and I’d never had problems figuring out how to wear his clothes. And even when I didn’t figure out exactly how he meant his clothes to be worn, I always found my own way.

In fact, I really like wearing my Issey clothes differently from the intended way by tying them up or mixing and matching them so that I’m the only one in the world wearing it in a certain way. Besides, I had a car waiting for me outside the store and I was on my way to a party.

So I smiled sweetly and said again quite confidently: “No need. Just wrap it up.


That’s me at Noma Tokyo earlier this year,
living a #Travelife and
wearing a vintage Issey Miyake jacket as a skirt…


Wow. I didn’t have time to look at the clothes in Tokyo, but when I flew out of Japan and finally got home for a few days, I tried on the Issey Miyake clothes I’d just bought and I just couldn’t get them right, no matter which way I draped or tied.

This was certainly a first for me. And the new dresses draped so awfully and so uncomfortably that the few times I wore them out somewhere, I felt like a walking balloon.

Maybe Issey Miyake’s lost his touch after all,” I said to myself. For the first time in my life, I regretted buying not one but three Issey Miyake dresses.

On a #Travelife to Morocco with
a wonderful group of ladies.
And that’s a pink Issey dress….

But today, just by chance, I saw a photo of my dress in a foreign magazine and I realised I was wearing it the other way around. Everything suddenly fell into place, and serves me right for not trying on the dresses before buying them.

Practically dropping the magazine, I went to try on my clothes again, and this time wearing them the opposite way, as I had seen in the magazine.

At a party with Fortune Ledesma, Joseph Habibi and Sharon Tan.
And that’s a grey Issey Miyake dress….


Everything fit beautifully and draped wonderfully, because the magic of an Issey creation is in the fluidity and movement of the design. It never loses shape no matter what you do with it.

“Issey Miyake’s a genius,” I said to myself, and his clothes really do fit so well after all, in a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.