The Caudalie Spa at Les Etangs de Corot in Versailles, and Caudalie’s Eau de Beaute

Last week in France, living a Travelife, I booked us a stay at Les Etangs de Corot, a stylish four-star hotel about five-minutes by car from Versailles, that’s affiliated with the famous Les Sources de Caudalie Hotel & Spa in Bordeaux.

Les Sources de Caudalie Hotel & Spa is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) group, and it’s a very understated but fashionable country hotel right in the vineyards of Bordeaux.

This was one of my two choices for our stay in Bordeaux, and when I realized that they had an affiliate hotel in Versailles, I decided to try this sister hotel out as well.


Les Etangs de Corot is not an SLH property, but it’s the sort of place stylish Parisians head for a break on a weekend if they don’t really want to drive that far out, but they want to get out of the city. It’s not a fancy place or a big one, but a down-to-earth hotel with a cool atmosphere.

Somehow, you know you’re not just in any four-star hotel, when you see the fixtures and details.

It’s only about 20 minutes away from Paris, but you really feel you’re a world away.

The nature is amazing and the hotel itself is situated right next to a pond with a lovely walking route. It was quite unreal.

In fact, to get there, we had to drive through so many tiny roads that seemed to lead to equally tiny neighborhoods that we wondered several times whether we’d gotten lost. But our GPS got us there with no problems.


Les Etangs de Corot is a four-star property, but I was sure it would be run very well because it’s managed by the same group that runs Les Sources de Caudalie.

And that’s the other reason I booked this hotel too.

I like going to spas all over the world, and the Caudalie products and Caudalie beauty regiment have a cult following because of their unique characteristics of being all-natural and based on the supposedly anti-aging and beauty-enhancing properties of grapes.


There are only a handful of Caudalie spas in the world, and none are in Asia. In New York, there’s a Caudalie spa at the Plaza Hotel.

Meanwhile in Europe, the Caudalie spas are in Les Sources de Caudalie, of course, as this is the home ground for the group; and at Les Etangs de Corot in Versailles, and at the beautiful Marques de Riscal hotel in Spain.

So you might almost say that I booked Les Etangs de Corot to basically get a Caudalie facial at their spa.


The facial treatment room at the Caudalie spa
looks out onto the pond.

I really like Caudalie products.

I find they’re very light on the skin and they smell wonderful.  Just the aroma alone instantly relaxes me and I’m sure this relaxation has some beauty-enhancing advantage.

The Caudalie facial came with a multi-layer mask which I had to keep on for about 10 minutes.

The therapist asked me in French, before placing the mask on: “Do you have claustrophobia?

I kind of do, but I was willing to try and suffer through this for a bit of beauty. Afterwards I could really see my skin glow nicely.


However, my favorite Caudalie product discovery on this trip is a skin toner called Eau de Beaute.

The therapist sprayed it after my facial, and basically you can use it anytime as a picker-upper. It smells of lavender, eucalyptus and mint, all in one, and I really love it.

Before buying a lot of it, I decided to google it.

It turns out Victoria Beckham is crazy about it too. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I decided to buy a lot of bottles of the Eau de Beaute anyway.


It’s a local souvenir of Bordeaux, after all.

Aside from two pairs of shoes bought on sale in Bordeaux, these were my only purchases. I bought an entire box of Eau de Beaute in handbag sizes, to bring on my trips as a freshen-up spray.

I’m going up a mountain again in Sri Lanka pretty soon, as well as on three safaris in Tanzania that will probably involve a significant number of rides in small planes. 

So I’m guessing that Caudalie’s Eau de Beaute will certainly come in handy in more ways than one, in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife