The best museums of Athens, Greece. And about the highlights of the National Archeological Museum.

Athens is full of museums but if you’re pressed for time, trim down your choices and visit these top three museums shortlisted by #Travelife Magazine.


The new Acropolis Museum showcases archeological findings from the Acropolis.

The award-winning, five-storey, 25,000 square meter modern structure was designed by famed architect Bernard Tschumi. It sits along ancient ruins and houses over 4,000 ancient artifacts, some of which are replicas since several important pieces are currently at the British museum in London.

The museum overlooks the archeological excavation below, while the Parthenon stands majestically in the background.


One of the world’s greatest museums and the largest archeological museum in Athens is the National Archaeological Museum.

The 8,000 square meter neoclassical building carries five vast permanent collections from as early as 6,800 B.C. to late antiquity. It also displays items from various important eras in Greek history such as the Mycenaean and Hellenistic periods.

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The highlights of its 11,000-piece exhibit are:

The “Mask of Agammemnon,” a gold funeral mask initially believed to belong to the legendary Greek ruler.

Marathon Boy,” a bronze sculpture reportedly dating from 340 to 330 BC.

It is also well known for its expansive 118-year-old library and photographic archive.



The Benaki Museum, founded in 1930 by Antonis Benaki, a member of one of the most prominent families in Greece, features an extensive collection of art and jewelry pieces from various periods in Greek history.

It also exhibits textiles, metalwork, and significant pieces of Asian and islamic art.