The best memories of a never-ending Travelife 2014

Even by Travelife standards, 2014 was a very busy and wonderful year.

It began with Travelife’s successful Rockwell Travel Expo fair, with thousands of visitors and long lines of eager bargain hunters on opening day.

And then I was on an overnight plane several hours later to Johannesburg for two weeks of fun in the sun, including a truly unique sea and plant safari.

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In the course of the year, I flew halfway long distance every month, for a total of 12 trips around the world, and traveled around the region countless times in between.

I’ve lost track of how many times I landed in Tokyo, or in Hong Kong or Doha, for that matter. And I actually visited South Africa, France and Morocco twice this year.



Each trip has been memorable and ever so eventful that I’m hard-pressed to identify favorites.

However, the following are among my favourites: 

– A long weekend in Thessaloniki, hanging out at the stylish bars and cafes by the promenade.

– A Sunday morning massage along the beach of South Africa’s Overberg coast

A hot springs weekend in Hokkaido in the fall and a champagne-filled one at a beautiful chateau in France over the summer

A gastronomic dinner in Santorini and an equally delicious farewell meal with Travelife Magazine readers and friends in Marrakech just last month

– Climbing up to the amazing monasteries in Meteora, Greece, and exploring the 1,001 kasbahs in the Greater Sahara desert of Morocco.

– Spa holidays all over the world, including in the Czech Republic’s Karlovy Vary (Grand Pupp), South Africa’s Midlands (Fordoun) and Thailand’s Hua Hin (Chiva Som).

These are just some of the many happy memories that come to mind in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife for 2014.