The best massage in Tokyo is at Aman Tokyo

The best massage in Tokyo

So this week in Tokyo, living a #Travelife, I booked a massage at the spa of the Aman Tokyo in Otemachi. If there’s one indulgence I love in a lifetime of not too few indulgences, it’s getting spa treatments all over the world.The other indulgence is staying in a top hotel and getting a nice room.

Tea after my spa treatment
at Aman Tokyo,
living a #Travelife

Staying in a very good hotel is practical, in my humble opinion, because you usually pay for an excellent location and great service when you opt to pay their premiums.

This also includes the advantages of a very good concierge, reliable security and an eagle-eyed housekeeping staff that doesn’t miss a thing.

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As for the room, well, I stay in hotels almost every week of my never-ending #Travelife, so I want to ensure my room or suite has enough space and lots of natural light.

No sense living a cramped existence in a never-ending #Travelife.

In a way, the Aman Tokyo certainly hits all the marks on my checklist. More on this in an upcoming issue of Travelife Magazine, the leading travel and lifestyle publication. 


As for the massage the other day, I actually got the times mixed up and I came an hour earlier than my appointment. All well and good, anyway, as I had the best massage in Tokyo at the Aman Tokyo in Otemachi.

Initially this flustered me a bit because — as the very nice team in my Travelife Magazine office will confirm — I hate waiting with no purpose, whether it’s at an airport or at a check-in line, or just waiting for a cocktail party or dinner to start.


This is why I usually show just up before the airline check-in counters close and in the middle of events and never at the beginning. 

There are just too many other things I can be doing with my time, so seamless travel is my specialty, and so far I’ve been very lucky.


So faced with an extra hour before my massage the other day, I was quite sore with myself for getting the times mixed up.

I didn’t have my computer and I had a hundred emails to answer, and I only had my phones and my iPod with me at the spa.

And, of course, there’s a limit to how many photos you can put on Instagram or Facebook without making people think you’re suddenly doing spam.

So instead, I sat at the vanity table area of Aman’s spa and tried out all their new Aman-labeled beauty products like mud cleansers and moisturising spritzes.

I hardly ever get any time whatsoever to sit in front a mirror primping myself, so this was quite entertaining.


In fact, I’m so time-poor where beauty regimens are concerned that my typical routine every morning, no matter where in the world I am, is very basic.

I start with a sparkling facial wash from Korea’s Etude House, followed by an SK II toner from Japan, and then an organic SPF 50 sunscreen from Innis Free, a cult brand that has grown global from the island of Jeju in Korea.

If I have an extra time, I massage a little brightening serum from the Greek beauty products cult line Apivita, made entirely from organic products, which I picked up in Athens last year.


Then I spritz myself with Nuxe beauty oil from Paris which I’m fanatical about as it’s a good moisturiser and it’s the best and probably the most expensive detangler in the world I’ve ever used.

I say it’s expensive as a detangler because it really isn’t meant to work as one. But once I spray Nuxe on my hair, I don’t even need to comb it.

Nuxe Oil is a product available in European pharmacies. It is neither cheap nor unspeakably expensive, but it’s a cult product in France, and I love it.

It’s really an all-around moisturizer, but, as mentioned earlier, it works miraculously as a hair detangler as well. I stock up on bottles of this whenever I’m in Europe as they sell Nuxe Oil in pharmacies in France, Spain, Greece and Morocco.

And between Nuxe Oil and Pascalain, this fantastic Frenchman who comes to my house in Manila every six weeks to give me a precision haircut in my own living room, my hair is wonderfully maintenance-free now.

I just love it.


I was in Africa for three weeks earlier this month, and I don’t think I put on makeup or combed my hair even once. 

Literally a wash and dry affair.

Nothing else as far as a “beauty regimen” for me, wherever in the world I happen to be, living a #Travelife. No makeup, just sunscreen and I’m out the door.


But back to the new Aman beauty products, which I tried at the Aman Tokyo.

The Aman beauty product line was very nice, and I especially liked the cleansing mud, which comes in a lotion-type bottle and doesn’t at all feel like mud.

And when it was finally time for my 90-minute massage designed to adapt to the changing of the seasons using Japanese ingredients and oils, a young lady appropriately named Hikari (light), who also seemed light as a feather, came to fetch me from the spa lobby.


When I saw her I have to admit I was a little disappointed.

I like very strong massages and the shiatsu sensei who has been doing house calls for me in Tokyo for 15 years now is very good and powerful for a way less pricey rate. I could have had three hours with him for the price of one 90-minute sessions with Hikari.

But, wow. There’s a saying often repeated by upmarket travelers who try to justify maxing out the credit card on a pricey trip, and it’s “you get what you pay for.”

In this case, it was certainly true. My shiatsu sensei is great, but Hikari was fantastic.


Hikari — that whip of a girl — gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever had in recent memory, and in a #Travelife chock-full of great spa treatments at some of the best hotels and spas all over the world.

Later on, I learned Hikari is the best therapist they have at the Aman Tokyo spa right now, so you should make sure to book her if you find yourself at this minimalist luxury spa sometime sooner rather than later.

I was completely won over by her power and technique, so much so that it took the greatest effort to stand up from that state-of-the-art massage table and get back to real life, and to my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.