The best lunch so far in Northern Cape, South Africa

The other day, in South Africa living a Travelife, I visited a garage winery called Bezalel Cellars to see their selection of wines and spirits that are hard to find outside of Northern Cape.

They basically service only the local market, even if their brandy and port wines are both very good.

I actually bought a bottle of their port to take back home.

And now I just hope everything will fit into my luggage.

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This was also where I got a spot of lunch.

Frankly, I wasn’t expecting anything earthshaking as far as lunch was concerned. I was just outside a sleepy town and the winery was a real home-grown affair.

There was none of that glam factor or wow factor, the way Cape Town wineries have.

In fact, the tasting room, shop and restaurant are all in one small and plain room, not unlike the living room of a modest log cabin somewhere.


There were just three round wooden tables here, and I sat in one of them for lunch.

You get the picture. This restaurant wasn’t earning any Michelin stars. It was just some food to tide the hunger pangs before a gourmet meal in the evening.

What a surprise then, that this was the best lunch on the trip.

It was so good but so heavy with carbs — and I finished every single thing on my plate.


I had two slabs of roasted Karoo lamb which were marinated in herbs and roasted with breadcrumbs. This was accompanied by a very original dish which the chef called a savoury croissant.

Basically croissants piled up on top of each other and layered with spices, and then baked.

Even the very simple cheesecake that accompanied lunch was fingerlicking good.

When I asked the chef how she created such a delicious lunch, she said she didn’t use any recipes and she simply thought up combinations in her head.

Basically just like me, when I cook. 

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I didn’t want to think about calories after eating every single thing in just another wonderful lunch in South Africa, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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