The best hotels in London include the Ritz, the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park and the Milestone Hotel

This photo wasn’t taken in London.
It was taken almost exactly one year ago,
at one of my favourite hotels in the world,
in Marrakech, living a #Travelife…

By the time you read this, I’ll probably be on the plane to London for another chapter in my never-ending #Travelife.

London is a city I used to know very well, but I haven’t been in a while so I am looking forward to this visit.

This is the first destination in a pretty long summer holiday that will take me as well all over Europe.

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I had a tough time choosing a hotel for our stay in London this time, as I have so many favourites.

One personal favorite, especially for long stays of two weeks or so, is the Milestone Hotel which is near Kensington High Street. They have nice apartment-type suites complete with proper kitchens that make you feel like you are living in London, even for a while.

Hyde Park, the Royal Albert Hall and all the nice fashionable places for locals are nearby. My favourite fish restaurant is in Kensington High Street area as well, and even Notting Hill is about a one kilometre walk from here.



When I’m in London for sale season, which is happening soon, I like staying at the Mandarin Oriental because it’s right next to Knightsbridge, one of the shopping districts.

In fact, it’s right in front of Harvey Nichols, which is quite convenient.

The Mandarin Oriental used to have an excellent Michelin two-star restaurant with a hardworking chef who never went on holiday. It overlooked Hyde Park, and it was such a great favourite of mine that sometimes I would eat here everyday of my stay.

And now, of course, they have Heston Blumenthal’s famous restaurant.

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Otherwise, I like the Ritz, as it’s got excellent service, classic rooms, a great concierge, and one of the loveliest restaurants in London.

The food is better in many restaurants elsewhere but it’s wonderful for a relaxing evening or lunch, when you’re not so hung up on the world-class quality of the food.

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The Ritz is also adjacent to Green Park, which I enjoy very much as it’s not so big but it gives you enough space.

It’s also walking distance to three favourite places: the bookshop Hatchard’s, the National Portrait Gallery and the West End. 

Actually, the latter two are not quite walking distance but I never take cabs if possible in London as I just love walking this city. So usually, we just walk to the theater and back and it’s quite nice to stroll back after a nice play.

Stopover on the way to London in real-time,
living a #Travelife….

This time around, I’ve chosen an entirely new hotel, very centrally located and supposedly London’s newest luxury boutique hotel. It’s very well placed and it’s got lots of history, so I am looking forward to this experience.

More later, when I next write, which will be from London, living a never-ending #Travelife.