The best hotel in Bangkok, and my room has a pool

My main course today on Thai Airways to Bangkok…

Today we flew from Manila to Bangkok on Thai Airways. It was a smooth three-hour flight and I had a nice lunch on board.

I’m headed for Sri Lanka early this week, but I thought I’d stop over in Bangkok for an extended and private weekend of fun and pampering prior to my Sri Lankan holiday with Travelife readers and friends.

In other words, it’s a holiday before a holiday, in a never-ending Travelife.

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We had a late lunch on board Thai Airways.

The first course in business class was a salad with slices of smoked chicken and mango relish.

First course today on Thai Airways

For a main course, I chose the Thai meal, which was shrimp with mango fried rice and onion relish.

Second course on Thai Airways…

I decided to skip dessert as the past week has just been one big meal after another. But I did get the pre-dessert of fresh fruits and cheese.

By the time the dessert cart was rolled around, I’d put on my eye massager, reclined my chair and fallen asleep in a matter of minutes.

I woke up just as the pilot was announcing that we were landing in 30 minutes. Talk about a painless flight.

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And when the plane rolled up to its gate, I looked out the window and saw another Thai Airways plane being loaded up.

The most surprising thing about this was the row of luggages arranged on the tarmac, ready to be loaded onto the plane.

Look at those lovely and neatly-wrapped luggages
on the tarmac for Thai Airways 

This is basically the back office of airline operations. It’s just loading luggages, after all.

But Thai Airways actually had every wagon wrapped neatly and beautifully in pink and purple wrappers. I couldn’t believe it. The luggages looked like presents, so prettily arranged on the tarmac.

I just had to snap a photo to show everyone the attention Thai Airways pays to details no one usually notices.

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Bangkok airport is pretty busy and immigrations is always crowded.

But for some reason, I was lucky today. I was first out of the plane, immigrations was full but relatively quick (especially as I was responding to BBMs and texts while in line), and my baggage was already waiting for me when I cleared.

At the arrivals lounge, my usual driver in Bangkok was waiting to take me to my hotel. He’s been picking me up at Bangkok airport ever since I can remember, and driving me to some of the nicest hotels and resorts in Bangkok and around Thailand, within driving distance.

Sometimes I go to Thailand for two weeks, other times for two days or a long weekend. My last trip to Bangkok just three months ago involved all of six hours; I’d gone to Pattaya to catch a boat to Singapore.


Today, he said to me: “You’re staying in the best hotel in Bangkok this time.”

I had to stifle a chuckle. And I replied: “I thought I always did.”

Nice hotels are deal breakers for me, you see, so I’ve stayed in basically every fantastic hotel in this city.

My driver replied: “But this one is very special.”

I knew what he meant. There are so many lovely hotels, trendy hotels and grand hotels in Bangkok.

But the one I picked for our long weekend is really considered by people “in the know” as the best hotel in Bangkok at the moment.


This is the door of my hotel room in Bangkok…

This hotel is really one for the books, considering where we are. It sort of reminded me of the stunning Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg, where I’m planning to stay sometime this year, on another trip to Joburg.

This is Bangkok, after all, one of the busiest, most crowded and noisiest cities in the world. And my room, in the middle of the city and yet as quiet as an island in the Pacific, is actually a house with it’s own swimming pool and private rooftop sundeck.

It’s located in the middle of a very picturesque and art-filled estate in central Bangkok that I’m still at a loss as to how to describe.

Meanwhile, my bathroom has a massive bathtub I could swim in, and the ceiling of the bathroom alone is 2.5 stories high. I’m certainly not complaining about this. The bathroom alone is bigger than some people’s apartments.

The best part, perhaps, is that it’s a 30-second walk between my room and the Chao Praya. It was perfect for drinks and a delicious Thai chicken curry tonight.

And that’s where I’m planning to have breakfast tomorrow, happily living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.