The best breakfasts in Singapore are at Fullerton Bay Hotel

The amazing view from the terrace of my room at
the Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore 

In Singapore’s Fullerton Bay Hotel over the weekend, living a Travelife, I looked forward each morning to the wonderful breakfasts they served.

They had the usual five-star deluxe hotel breakfast spread of fruits, pastries, and cold cuts.

Of course, they also offered the typical hot breakfast meals, made to order: eggs benedict, eggs cooked any way you wish, omelettes, french toast and waffles, among others.

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And because this was Singapore, they also had a great Asian spread.

They had spicy do-it-yourself nasi lemak, dim sum, Japanese miso soup, a couple of curries, and my favorite bakuteh.

Bakuteh is a tasty pork soup, which is widely available in Singapore and Malaysia.

I always have this when I am in either countries.


And I can’t resist having a little bit of nasi lemak as well — every single time I see it in a breakfast buffet.

Nasi lemak consists of rice usually cooked in coconut milk, sliced cucumbers, tiny fried fish, peanuts and sambal.

It sounds like a very strange combination, but it’s really tasty.


But what I really loved at the Fullerton Bay Hotel was the fact that they had a breakfast dish of the day every morning.

So I had my usual fresh fruits and raw juices, and I ordered my usual eggs benedict with salmon rather than ham or bacon.

And to add I had the special breakfast dish of the day as well.

These were always absolutely delicious.

Lots of great hotels have wonderful breakfasts, but I’ve never found such creative breakfast dishes anywhere else, even if I practically live in these kinds of lovely hotels all over the world.


On Valentine’s Day morning, for instance, it was a decadent eggs scrambled in vodka, and then topped with caviar, chives and sour cream.

Absolutely scrumptious. The photo above does not at all do it justice.

Then yesterday, it was a most unusual and yet so heavenly wagyu hash (think corned beef hash, but made with wagyu) with poached egg and a thin slice of toast.

I could have eaten three of these.

Coffee table in the lobby of
the Fullerton Bay Hotel

As I finished breakfast, the restaurant manager came over to say hello to us.

He asked me: “How did you like your breakfast?

I’d obviously tried every single thing, you see, as there were the remains of eggs benedict, wagyu hash, french toast and a whole lot of other things on our table.

I replied: “Your breakfast specials are just amazing. I haven’t had a so-so one yet.”

With a great breakfast and view like this from your room,
who would want to check out?

He said, with a smile: “You must stay longer then, to try every single breakfast special on our menu. You need to stay at least one week with us.”

I really wished I could. 

But it was soon on to the next adventure in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.