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Tea pairing lunch at Yan Toh Heen in Hong Kong

Tea pairing lunch at Yan Toh Heen in Hong Kong

On April 23, the Michelin two star / Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Yan Toh Heen will showcase a six-course Chinese tea pairing lunch menu by Executive Chef Lau Yiu Fai, featuring three rare aged teas specially sourced by our Tea Sommelier Kelvin Ng from the Best Tea House:

– 1997 Tribute Shou Mei
– 1988 Aged Teguanyin (with Mandarin Zest)
– 1960 Aged Supreme Liu Pao Tea

Tea Sommelier Kelvin Ng and Helen Fung, Operation Manager of the Best Tea House will introduce these three special teas during the luncheon.

Tea sommelier Kevin Ng


The lunch begins with a 1997 Tribute Shou Mei, which is a fragrant and sweet white tea that can stimulate the appetite. Then the 1988 aged Teguanyin will be paired with the first three courses. 

Teguanyin is a variety of Oolong Tea, which enhances the digestive system and helps to raise metabolism and reduce blood fat levels.


Master Chan, owner of the Best Tea House, personally hand-picked this first batch of the exclusive Teguanyin tea leaves which he then mixed, stored and aged with Mandarin Zest for 29 years.

After ageing the tea for 29 years, the tea is smooth and rich in floral and mandarin aromas and also has the aromatic of Chinese herbal medicine.


Aged Liu Pao Tea

The fourth course pairs with 1960 Aged Supreme Liu Pao Tea, which is only available in Hong Kong at Yan Toh Heen. This tea is currently not sold in the retail market. Its supreme quality makes it an “auction-level” tea.

Liu Pao is a famous Black Tea from Guangxi Provence. This rare 1960 vintage comes from the Wuzhou City. It’s known for its red colour, strong and smooth texture and special Betel Nut aroma. Pairing this tea with dishes towards the end of the lunch helps with detoxification, removing the oiliness of the food.

When drinking this Liu Pao tea with dessert, it does not overtake the taste or aroma of the dessert. When drinking it after the meal, it has a special long lasting aroma. If you drink this tea on an empty stomach, it will help to cleanse the system and refresh the brain.

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