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Everyone needs a Sri Lanka trip

Everyone needs a Sri Lanka trip once in a while. This is what I was thinking yesterday, as I took the red eye from Colombo to Kuala Lumpur, to catch the first flight out of KL to Manila after breakfast. I had some time to think because I couldn't sle...
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A Chinese lunch and a Pakistani dinner

Tonight I went over to the beautiful residence of the Ambassador of Pakistan in South Forbes as he had a party to celebrate Pakistan's National Day. It was a very nice celebration, as well as an opportunity to catch up with some old friends and meet ...
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Second chances in Sri Lanka

I'm going to Sri Lanka later this week and two friends are coming along with me to help me out in a couple of things. Tonight I had an early dinner with one of them, and we were sort of planning the peripherals for our trip."Have you watched YYY?" He...