Sunday afternoon in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Market on Main and Apartheid Museum

Today was a very enjoyable day in Johannesburg, spent with a nice group of Travelife Magazine friends and readers, living a never-ending Travelife.

In the afternoon, we headed downtown to the Maboneng Arts Center, in a rather derelict part of town that is experiencing a comeback and is starting to be very cool — full of art studios and galleries, and funky shops.

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On Sundays, it is definitely the coolest place to hang out in Johannesburg  because of a weekend market called Market on Main combined with the Arts on Main project, which is about the opening of art galleries and shops in this same venue.

Its tag line is: “Food & Design every Sunday.

There are food stands selling all kinds of delicious goodies on the first floor.

Meanwhile, on the second floor, you’ll find stores and stands run by artists, selling everything from vintage clothes to cool postcards and notebooks.

It was lots of fun to look around. I even found a dress I liked, except they didn’t have my size.


After we’d finished looking around, a couple of us went down into the garden where a pop-up hamburger stand, a restaurant playing Brazilian music, and an Ethiopian coffee stand were doing brisk business.


The Ethiopian coffee stand was literally a few benches, a small table full of equally small cups, and bowls of popcorn.

Yes, popcorn.

For some reason, you’re supposed to eat the popcorn with the Ethiopian coffee, and it really works.

“Why do they serve popcorn with the coffee?” I asked the girl seated next to me, who happened to be a regular at this pop-up coffee stand. She was from Scandinavia and she was opening a store for Scandinavian clothing in Johannesburg very soon.

She shrugged and said: “I don’t know why, but it works.”

So we sat down on the benches and some of us had the coffee — just because it’s quite rare to find Ethiopian coffee sold by honest-to-goodness Ethiopians in our part of the world.

While we were drinking coffee and just shooting the breeze on a chilly but nevertheless fine Johannesburg afternoon, we even met an athlete who said he’d competed in the Philippines about 20 years ago.

What a coincidence that was.


And then, when we were finished with our coffee, we headed across town to the Apartheid Museum, for a bit of culture and history on just another wonderful Sunday in our never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.