Strolling along Nyhavn in Copenhagen before our flight back to Asia. And about a very nice steak in Copenhagen.

On our last day in Copenhagen before flying back to Asia just a few days ago, living a #Travelife, we decided to take it very easy in terms of time and schedules as we had a late evening flight on Qatar Airways

We all woke up late and made it down to breakfast just before it closed to get a proper Scandinavian cold breakfast of fresh bread, assorted cheeses and cold cuts, some fruit and yoghurt, and lots of coffee and tea.
The cheese and breads were especially good and I regret not buying more bread to take home from Scandinavia on this trip as preservative-free grain bread was available in a supermarket we visited in Malmo, Sweden for 20 kroners a loaf (which is about $2.20).
And, oh yes, there was some herring and marinated fish to go with everything, in case anyone wanted.

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Then there was all our last-minute shopping in Denmark to do before checking out. We all had our shopping lists ready.
Fortunately I’d arranged a late check-out from our hotel so everything slid in very nicely to enable us to have breakfast, shop, return to the hotel and pack, and then have dinner before our driver picked us up for the ride to the airport.
We all went our separate ways but two friends and I decided to make a bee-line for Storget, which is the main shopping street of Copenhagen, and the little side streets diverging from this. 
In particular, I wanted to go to Cos, a Scandinavian clothing store my companions had got me interested in the previous day.

All I’d envisioned on that initial foray into the Cos clothing store was to accompany them into the store and then to try and find some free WiFi to post photos on Instagram while they shopped.
I’d bought quite a lot of stuff in Iceland and Copenhagen by then. Mostly warm wear for more trips to Europe in the winter from Icelandic brands like 66 North, Cintamani and IceWear.
But pretty soon I was trying everything on in the Cos store and liking what I found, so I ended up with several shopping bags full of clothes.
Now on my last day, I wanted to visit the other branch of this clothes store, so off we went to find it. 
So happy we went here too as I ended up buying a few more pieces which are proving to be such comfortable clothes for work — or just about for anytime you feel like going out of the house without having to think about your wardrobe in detail.
Afterwards we all found our way back to our hotel to pack — and this was a major issue for me as I’d begun the trip with half a suitcase and was leaving Denmark with three very full suitcases
I put on some music and it took me two hours to pack properly and to get ready for the long flight back to Asia.
After checking out, we all decided to take taxis from our hotel to Nyhavn, which is one of my favourite areas in Copenhagen on a summer day (I never go to Scandinavia except in July), to just take a walk around. 
It was sunny and so very picturesque, and I personally felt so alive just walking past the cafes bustling with people on one side and the marina on the other, filled with lovely yachts full of charm, with people having drinks on them.
We still needed dinner before heading for the airport so naturally everyone turned to me for where to go. 
I said: “Let’s walk back to the area of the Angleterre as Nyhavn is nice but it’s pretty touristy.” This means average food, as far as I’m concerned, as many of the cafes are serving the kinds of customers they won’t see again.
We ended up in an old-fashioned cafe very near Nyhavn which of course is not bereft of tourists, as Copenhagen never is in the summer. I’d eaten there once last summer and had very good memories of it.
But this Copenhagen cafe also a favourite with the locals and they have such a streamlined menu of classics that you just can’t go wrong ordering anything from the 10 dishes or so they have on offer.
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I decided on a steak that had been slow-roasting for about eight hours, and it was really so good — not too fatty to satiate you, but juicy enough to enjoy — that I’m still thinking of it now. 
And wishing we all didn’t have to look at the clock while enjoying our meal as I had truly fun companions on this #Travelife to Scandinavia. Every minute was a pleasure to be with them. We honestly never stopped laughing. When we weren’t shopping or laughing, that is.
And of course, we were all living a #Travelife.