Steak and a caramel sundae for lunch at T.O.M. Cafe at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne

Driving in from a very nice stay in the mountains above the town of Vevey in Switzerland two weeks ago, living a #Travelife, we headed straight to the Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne where we were booked for a nice long stay.

It was close to lunch and we’d reserveded a nice table right on the terrace of the T.O.M. Cafe of the Olympic Museum. And we were already a few minutes late.

So almost without pausing for breath we handed the doorman of the Beau Rivage Palace the keys to our car so that he could park it and take care of our luggage, and then we asked him: “How do we get to the Olympic Museum from here?


As luck would have it, the Olympic Museum was literally next to the Beau Rivage Palace so we couldn’t have created a more perfect schedule for ourselves.

I like seamless trips and I really can’t stand badly planned ones, but even by my pretty exacting standards for logistics, this was as perfect as it could get.

With the car in good hands, we were about to walk down the driveway towards the main road when the doorman said: “You can actually just walk across our garden. There’s a little gate at the end and that takes you straight to the museum.

Talk about lucky. In everything. And I never forget this every single day.

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So we walked across the gardens on this beautiful day, with people playing tennis in the courts just below the pathways, and found the gate with a code to let hotel guests out.

And just as the doorman said, we took two steps out of the Beau Rivage Palace garden and — voila — there we were at the steps of the Olympic Museum.

The Olympic Museum is at the top of a hill overlooking Lake Geneva and T.O.M. Cafe is at the top floor of this, so you can imagine the nice view you have from a good table here. On a clear day you can see right across the lake to the town of Evian-les-Bains in France.

And we had one of these tables, which put us in a very good mood, of course.


The T.O.M. Cafe is a very casual restaurant, but on a beautiful day, it was the perfect place for lunch in Lausanne.

And with the sunny weather and the animated crowd of locals and tourists around — yes, T.O.M. Cafe is a great favorite of well-heeled locals as well — I was suddenly hungry, so I ordered four courses including soup, salad, a proper Swiss steak, and an equally proper caramel sundae.

The Swiss steak was way leaner than what I’m used to in Tokyo, but it was nicely seasoned and perfectly done — and so beautifully plated, as well.

We downed everything with several glasses of local Swiss wine, as Swiss wine is not the kind of drink that usually makes it to restaurants in our part of the world, so we wanted to see if we could discover some nice ones.

We certainly did discover some nice wines at T.O.M. Cafe, and happily so, as it seemed a shame to be drinking just water over a lunch like this, on an early summer afternoon in Lausanne, living a never-ending, and never-endingly delicious #Travelife.