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Start children early on culture

In major world capitals like Tokyo, London or New York, there are many opportunities for children to experience cultures different from their own, and parents really make the effort to bring their children not only to fun activities like theme parks and kiddie centers, but also to events that will provide new stimulation and further enrichment.

I can’t overstress how important such stimulation and exposure can be towards helping children grow up into adults who are respectful and more understanding of the cultures of other people, and therefore also more respectful and more understanding of the differences between people themselves. It’s the way of the world and the way for the future, especially in this seamless world we live in where work, friends and even life itself is not confined anymore to the city or country a person grew up in.
And even in a small way, if more people understand the cultures and differences of others, there will also be more peace between neighbors, communities and hopefully, countries. I’ve said this over and over again, but much of this starts in childhood, when biases still have to be formed.
That’s us in Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle last March!
And that’s us with some of the many, many Travelife readers
who joined us in Istanbul for our Amazing Turkey Tours!
This is one of the reasons why we encourage people to bring their families to our public service free cultural events. We at Travelife Magazine try to organize such events for the general public to provide more people with the experience of travel and of other cultures even without leaving home — especially when there are world-class cultural performers who come to town.
This is in line with our philosophy to really bring travel to our readers. Not just to write about a bunch of places, but also to provide all sorts of opportunities for our readers to experience the travel, the fun and the culture we write about. These can be in the form of tours, gala dinners and free special events open to everyone — and always linked to travel and culture.
And, yes, we were in Sri Lanka last March and we just loved it. That’s why we’re now bringing it to our readers via one of the best cultural performances from this country.
Travelife Magazine
is the Philippines’ leading travel & lifestyle publication
precisely because we’re way more than just a travel magazine.

Each of these events is a labor of love for us, so we’ll never organize a Travelife Night just for a performing group for tourists or just for a bit of publicity. I think this is what makes Travelife really different from others. And yes we really encourage families to join us for these free cultural events.
At our last free Travelife India Night (we had a formal gala dinner on July 18 and a free public service performance on July 16), India’s top classical dancer Ranjana Gauhar and her Odissi Dance Group traveled all the way to Manila just to perform at Travelife India Night. She was joined by Manila-based Madhumita Saiini who also performed an entirely different set of dances — different but equally lovely and interesting. Ms Gauhar doesn’t perform just anywhere and it’s hard to catch a performance even in India, so it was a real treat to enjoy her performances in Manila.
For the free performance, we had so many families and also entire classes of high school children who came with their homeroom mothers because they’d just finished studying about India. It was very interesting for them to actually see the dances — and spectacular world-class dances, at that — of a country they’d just studied. I had a couple of the kids sit up with me in the front row and they were wide-eyed the entire time, watching performances they’d never seen the likes of before. And when I asked for volunteers to go up on stage to give bouquets of flowers to the performers, they fell all over each other in a frenzy to volunteer as they all wanted to do so.
Afterwards, not a few mothers came up to me and said: “This was so wonderful. Please let me know when there’s another Travelife event like this.
Well, on Saturday, with the help of real estate firm Picar Development, we’re organizing Travelife Sri Lanka Night, another free event, but this time featuring Sri Lanka’s top songstress and a top 10-member cultural dance group from Kandy, the heart of culture in Sri Lanka.

Deepika Priyadarshani just this month received another award for best female vocalist and also for best music album (for her chart-topping, best-selling album in Sri Lanka entitled Sudu Hansinee). At Travelife Sri Lanka Night, she will be singing traditional Sri Lankan songs.
Such a rare evening of Sri Lankan culture of this caliber will not happen again for a very long time in Manila. Please join us for an evening of music, dance and culture, and discover more about one of Asia’s oldest civilizations.

* Children aged five and over are welcome
* Dress code is casual
* Photographers and bloggers are very welcome.
* Photographers should register with Travelife Magazine beforehand.
There are so few opportunities to actually see Sri Lanka’s culture anywhere, and for many people it’ll be virtually impossible to see a Sri Lankan cultural performance of this caliber. If you’re interested in Sri Lanka, in seeing some great dancing or singing, or even if you just want something new to do on a Saturday afternoon, do come and join us for this very rare event.

Come with your loved ones or friends. Bring your kids. Or come alone if you really want to see this but can’t find someone to go with you. Not a few people have asked me if they can come alone, and of course they can. We’ll all be there and lots of people are coming by themselves. And, by the way, I often attend cultural events by myself here and abroad as well and it’s perfectly fine. In fact, sometimes I like it better because I can really focus on the event instead of dividing my attentions between my companions and the show.
See you there and please share this with as many people as possible. I don’t think there will be an opportunity for the general public to see the beautiful culture of Sri Lanka again for a very long time.
Absolutely free, open to the public
Travelife Sri Lanka Night on Saturday, Sep 24, will be free and open to the public, but you will need prior reservations as there’s limited seating. However, this will be the first and perhaps only event promoting beautiful Sri Lankan culture to the general public in the far-off future, so I hope many of you will take advantage of this free event courtesy of Travelife Magazine and Picar Development Inc. and join us.

To reserve, please call Bernice at Travelife Magazine: 8138400/ 8922620. Or email [email protected]

1) Contact Bernice at Travelife Magazine with your name, contact details and number of persons you wish to bring.
Tel. 8138400/ 8922620
2) “Like” the Travelife Magazine Facebook Fan Page at:
3) Invite at least five friends to become friends of Travelife Magazine’s Facebook Fan Page.
4) Get your complimentary e-tickets via email. These should be printed out and presented at the venue upon arrival at 4 PM of September 24.

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