Travel to the tropics of Sri Lanka and take advantage of the incredible 30 day visa which has been re – launched to allow visitors to spend longer escaping the volatile winter weather and enjoying this paradise island. Swap scarves for suncream, central heating for sand between the toes and wellies for warm sun on your back and topical breeze in your hair.

Below are some hotels and villas around the beautiful island country of Sri Lanka that have joined forces to offer massive discounts to those traveling for 30 days or more. This is perfect for the slow travel trend, which is currently gaining traction, especially with the challenges posed by the pandemic.


Jetwing Surf in Sri Lanka is offering special packages for travelers staying 30 days or more

We think it’s just perfect too. After all, people often say that you need to spend at least one week in a destination to really get to know it. Just imagine what you can discover in a month. Or even two.

Wonderful discounts abound at the most unique hotels. From boutique properties in the lesser known eastern side of the island to nature retreats deep into the jungle,  and iconic  tea plantations and uber luxury hotels as well.

With much of life going online these days, travelers can literally pack up and head to a destination of their dreams tomorrow – with a vaccination certificate and a negative COVID test to fly, of course.

But these are now standard for international travel everywhere. So consider an unforgettable holiday in Sri Lanka for this winter. It’s perfect weather so all you will need is your laptop, a bathing suit and a Christmas bauble.


Jetwing Surf is located directly on one of the longest beaches in Sri Lanka, which is also along the lesser known east coast of the island.

These hotels also offer special promotional rates for stays of 30 days or more:

  • Jetwing Blue
  • St Andrew’s
  • Oatlands and Kottukal Beach House 
  • Jetwing Lighthouse
  • Kandy Gallery
  • Calamansi and Kaduruketha