Southern Grind Bistro: Best Soul Food Restaurant in Manila


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Among restaurants in Manila, the Southern Grind Bistro is a great favorite. It offers authentic soul food with real Cajun flavors from down south in the United States. Owner and founder Antonio Tallon developed an interest a passion for southern American food after living in Florida.

He was based on Amelia Island Fernandina Beach in Florida. This is where he learned how to create these simple dishes that seem so laid back. Yet these are made with complex techniques.

Southern Grind Bistro Food Park

The bistro, one of the best restaurants in Manila, is proud of its roots. It began as a small humble food park. But even then, the dining experience was different. Guests always felt like they’d visited the southern part of the United States after eating the authentic southern American food here.

First time visitors can expect an interesting dining experience. Some of the items may sounds familiar. But there’s a big difference between regular grilled meat and a real low and slow smoked pork and beef. Flavor-wise, Southern Grind Bistro always takes their guests the whole way, on a full southern culinary adventure.

Signature Dishes at Southern Grind Bistro

Signature dishes at Southern Grind Bistro include its famous Premium USDA Pork Spare Ribs smoked for six hours in hickory, cherry, and Mesquite wood. And no Cajun meal is complete without the savoury shrimp, chicken, and sausage jambalayas.

For a true southern meal, try the country fried steaks and buttermilk fried chicken. Southern Grind Bistro also serves a handcrafted cocktails, mocktails, and imported and local craft beers.

Southern Grind Bistro offers a new facet of the familiar American cuisine to diners. They incorporate the essence of comfort food with an authentic southern and Cajun cooking style.

“We just want our guests to feel at home. We want them to experience how good and satisfying southern flavors are, those smoked meats and those playful taste of our Jambalayas. The crunchiness of those Shrimp Po’Boys and Savory goodness of our Pulled Pork Sliders. We want them to bring friends and come back for more,” Tallon says.

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