Soaking in a tub of beer at the Spa Beerland in Prague

One of the many interesting things I did yesterday, in the Czech Republic, living a Travelife, was to visit a beer spa in Prague.

The Spa Beerland is the first beer spa in the Czech Republic. Other beer spas have sprouted up recently, but I think Spa Beerland is the original, and still the best one.

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I am so not a beer drinker. But the beers I drank here were truly delicious that I finished everything I was given. And then some.

Last night, for instance, we went to a restaurant that also made its own beer.

We were served one homemade beer made with California hops, and another one made with local Czech hops. The California beer was very light, and, boy, was it wonderful by itself just before dinner.

Meanwhile the local Czech version was fantastic with the food, especially as we had a very hearty and traditional meal last night, on a hill overlooking Prague, with a beautiful convent just next to it.


But it was before this dinner that I went to the beer spa.

A VIP spa treatment here at this beer spa meant getting a private room with two wooden tubs filled with hops, barley and beer.

There was also two taps right next to each tub, so that you could have as much light beer and dark beer as you wished, while you were soaking in the tub of beer.

Talk about overdosing on beer.


The beer liquid in the tub is supposed to open your pores and draw the toxins out.

You’re supposed to sit in the tub for about 30 minutes with the jacuzzi on. Then afterwards, you lie on a bed of hay and relax for another 30 minutes.

So this is what I did, all while a really cool tape of George Michael was playing in the background. This music alone made me remember all sorts of things.

All in all it was a very interesting experience, to be drinking beer and sitting in a tub of beer in the Czech Republic, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.