SKYROAM: International pocket WiFi for travelers

Traveling in the 21st century has changed immensely, not only with the way we plan our trips, but also when it comes to the things we shouldn’t be without when we travel.
Taking off on your next trip has become even easier with SKYROAM, a pocket-sized global WiFi hotspot that allows travelers to stay connected 24/7 in over a hundred countries. All you need is to connect your smartphonetablet or laptop, and you’re good to go. It’s even easier than packing light for a trip.
Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to include SKYROAM in your travel arsenal:
SKYROAM: The ultimate global pocket WiFi hotspot

SKYROAM: Change flights on a whim

Need to stay a day or two at your dream destination? Just send an email or go online via your tablet to book or change your flight when you feel like it. Worried your flight got cancelled?
Check your email for updates. Easy-peasy.

SKYROAM: Easy hotel reservations 

Book that suite with a view or move to a charming bed-and-breakfast you discovered while getting lost in a new city, all through your mobile device.

SKYROAM: Use Google Maps

Looking for that restaurant your friend recommended through Facebook? Keeping that folded map that screams “tourist.” Simply open the Google Maps app on your iPad find your way to it in real time via GPRS.

SKYROAM: Get an Uber Car

No need to worry about hailing a cab on a busy street corner or catching the train when you can always just request for an Uber car through your phone. It’s safe and efficient, plus you’re in the privacy of your own vehicle.

SKYROAM: Buy tickets easily

With a data connection, buying concert tickets or museum or theater tickets becomes easier. No need to queue for a long time.

SKYROAM: Discover great food

Have a yen for the best ramen, but at a loss where to go? Check out Yelp for highly rated restaurants that are just within a few minutes’ walk from where you are.

SKYROAM: Keep up with the news

You won’t be left in the dark about what’s happening on the opposite side of the world when you have access to online news sources and publications. A bit of a downtime while in transit? Simply pick up your tablet and read through the day’s news.

SKYROAM: Mix business & pleasure

Multitask efficiently and stay on top things at work (or at home) through data access that’s secure, dependable and unlimited — and it won’t break the bank. It’s the best way to find that work-life balance whether you’re traveling for business or leisure.

SKYROAM: Access information anytime and anywhere

Do away with travel guides and travel books that eat up your precious luggage space. Find that great hotel, good restaurant, or excellent performance by reading reviews of fellow travelers online.

SKYROAM: Stay connected

Do away with snail mail that takes weeks to reach its destination. Just take a photo yourself on a trip, come up with a witty caption, and upload it on the social media. Now that’s the simplest way to share your travel stories with everyone.
Available in six continents, it doesn’t matter where you are. All you need is SKYROAM to keep you connected 24/7. It’s the best way to enjoy unlimited data coverage while traveling. Visit for more information on how to get a hold of your own Skyroam unit in time for your next trip abroad.

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