Shopping for crafts in Marrakech. And about the best stores and riads in Morocco

Shopping for crafts in Marrakech. And about the best stores and riads in Morocco

Shopping for crafts in the best stores in Marrakech

This is the heading of the guide
I’ve been sending out to my friends…

This post is about shopping for crafts in Marrakech, and about the best stores and riads in Morocco.

So the last two days in Manila, living a #Travelife, all I’ve been doing is talking about my upcoming Travelife to Morocco with 35 friends. I am so excited about this, you see.

On Tuesday, the Travel Companion and I discussed Morocco over a fun meal with lots of teasing and laughing. We remembered our own pretty amazing private holiday in Morocco in June last year, full of interesting experiences that he never lets me forget. 

More on this in a later blog entry.

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Menawhile, today’s friend wanted to know why I was going to Morocco earlier than the group. “What could you possibly do there, having been there so many times?” This was the multi-million dirham question.

It was really simple. I thought I’d get a jumpstart on my shopping in Marrakech and also get a headstart on the jet lag process before my 35 friends start arriving from all over the world for two weeks of absolute fun and lots of good food.

And, shopping for crafts in Marrakech, of course.


While we were having lunch today, I just happened to glance at Facebook on my iPad while checking some important emails, and one of my friends had posted photos of her very authentic country retreat done in the Moroccan style.

She’d sent me many photos of her fabulous retreat before but today there were photos on Facebook of her collection of plates on the wall.


So I sent her a message via Facebook.

I’ve just been inspired to buy more plates now, after seeing your photos,” I messaged her. “There goes my luggage allowance.”

Those plates are beautiful, but they’re incredibly heavy. But on each trip to Morocco in the last 18 months, I’ve been slowly buying plates. In June last year with the Travel Companion, I ended up buying eight handprinted antique glass plates for my dinner table while he waited patiently for me to negotiate prices in my shopping French.

Then in October last year with a group of readers and friends, I ended up buying beautiful silver-hammered tagine. And now I want to complete a set of these for entertaining.

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Yes, I’m planning to buy lovely things in Morocco for my homes and I don’t have too much time to do it although I have found enough shops to persuade me to stay an extra week if I could. I didn’t see most of these shops last June on holiday, and I only went to a handful when I returned to Morocco last November.

Now I have a whole list of the best stores in Marrakech, which I’ve laid out in a nice little user-friendly sheet to give to my friends.


This is the ultra-stylish riad
where I’m spending my birthday this year,
living a #Travelife…

Unfortunately, my shopping style is going to be slightly cramped.

Not only are my 35 friends coming, but Mr. Y is flying into Marrakech from the other side of his very busy world just to join the group at the latter part of the trip and to be with me for a few days in Marrakech and the Sahara, especially for my birthday.

And he is so not a shopper.


Our private riad in Marrakech,
after everyone else has gone home…

Mr. Y has been to Morocco before but he’s game to go around with everyone else again, just for the fun of it.

And he has never been to Ait Ben Haddou, one of the most beautiful sights in Morocco although a pain to get to, and he’s looking forward to exploring this with 10 of my friends staying behind to join me in the Sahara for a big adventure.

And then after everyone else has left, we’ve booked a beautiful riad with Arabian horses roaming around all to ourselves. That will certainly be the end of my shopping sprees in Morocco, living a #Travelife, so I’d better go shopping in advance while I can.

Here are some of my favourite stores 
in Marrakech:

Embroidered caftans, tunics, toppers, and babouches 
Place Bab Fteuh 
Tel 212-6671-661307 
Beautiful designer clothing 
128 Fontaine Mouassine 
Tel 212-524-375570 
Cutting edge concept store 
33 rue Yves Saint-Laurent. 
Tel 212-524-314195