Second time around at Nando’s in South Africa, for delicious peri peri chicken

Nando’s has some of the jolliest staff on the planet

This should have been posted last week….

Today, we left Kimberley for the Kalahari Desert again, for my last safari in South Africa before going back home.

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We were thinking of taking off around noon for the safari lodge, which meant we would either have to eat something packed on the plane, or have something very late at our next safari lodge.

Both options didn’t exactly seem terribly palatable to me.


This was when I hit on the “bright” idea to pass by Nando’s for some more of that delicious peri peri chicken.

I’d had Nando’s peri peri chicken for lunch three days ago in Kimberley, and it was simply delicious. However, I’d had the spicy chicken; and someone had said that the lemon and pepper chicken is also a must try.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think I would have a chance to try Nando’s again.

After the safari in the Kalahari Desert, I fly straight to Cape Town for one very short overnight stay, and my schedule is completely booked in Cape Town.

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I’m arriving just in time for a very nice afternoon tea — delicious scones and all — and I have dinner lined up. The next morning, it’s off on the long trek back home.

So today was the only opportunity for Nando’s.


Fortunately, when you’re traveling by private plane, you can basically take off whenever you want.

So I took a detour at Nando’s and ordered two quarters (so that I could have 2 legs with dark meat instead of a half chicken) of roast chicken in lemon and pepper, plus wild rice and hot chocolate pudding.


The chicken was very good with lemon and pepper, although I kept using Nando’s peri peri spicy sauce on it.

So I may as well just have ordered the spicy chicken again.

And the hot chocolate pudding was just as good as the sticky toffee pudding last time. I’ve decided to try and replicate this back home as well.

So, I’m typing this in the plane on the way to one more safari in the Kalahari Desert.


By the way, that plastic bag in front of me is holding some very special shopping.

Yes, I finally found what I’ve been looking for this morning — although I literally had to take it off someone’s floor to get it. 

But that’s another story for another entry on my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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