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The Sanchaya in Bintan to host artists, films and art activities

The Sanchaya luxury resort in Bintan, Indonesia will host artists and art activities. Painters, film producers, musicians, fashion designers, and photographers will visit The Sanchaya. They will use the inspiring grounds of the resort as a blank canvas. They will use the hotel as an inspiration for fresh ideas and for performances. They can also host events at the hotel or develop art installations.


The Sanchaya in Bintan to host artists, films and art activities
The Sanchaya in Bintan to host artists, films and art activities

Natalya Pavchinskaya is the founder of The Sanchaya. She is fiercely devoted to the arts. Now she is bringing art to her luxury estate. The entrepreneur spent many years surrounded by spectacular photographers, artists and creative visionaries. She drew inspiration from these encounters to conceptualise her stylish hotel property in Bintan.

To kick off the initiative, The Sanchaya hosted a series of educational film investment summits in collaboration with S’Ya, Xeitgeist Entertainment Group and Goalpost Pictures Australia. This event was geared towards potential investors and film aficionados.


They introduced the movie I Am Woman at this exclusive event. This is a powerful and poignant film telling the story of Helen Reddy, who wrote the song I am Woman in 1975. This song galvanised a generation of women to fight for change. The thought-provoking film is set to start production in September this year and to premiere in 2020. It was presented by the star, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, and by director Unjoo Moon.

The Sanchaya also hosted the screening of Academy Award Nominee Dev Patel’s directorial debut, ‘Home Shopper.‘ Natalya is the executive producer of this film, which premiered at the Sundance film festival.

In addition to the first film investment summit, The Sanchaya in Bintan has opened up to various other art forms this year. It just completed its first artist in residence program, commissioning an estate- wide installation and inviting a top classical musician to perform.


Charlotte Ager at The Bintan
Charlotte Ager at The Bintan

Charlotte Ager, a London-based artist and illustrator, also recently completed a residency at The Sanchaya. She created a work inspired by the estate and its abundant nature. The residency was conducted in conjunction with BACCALÀ, an independently published fashion, art and photography magazine. This magazine is the brainchild of Milan-based fashion photographer Alessandro Casagrande and LA-based art magazine founder Scott A. Sant’Angelo.

Charlotte Ager’s work is highly influenced by her surroundings. She uses a variety of materials to create her unique pieces, combining colours and textures to reinterpret her environment. The colourful pieces are now available for sale in the saloon, with the majority of proceeds going towards The Morris Foundation.


Natalya Pavchinskaya, founder of The Sanchaya, says: “I felt it only natural to bring the two things I’m most passionate about together – the arts and The Sanchaya. Bintan is a tranquil respite from the city, yet is so easily accessible for international travellers. So we’re looking forward to using the estate as a convenient hub from which to amplify the global film and arts scene.

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