Samujana, Thailand’s leading private villa estate, has created a wellness series that help calm the mind and keep the body active. Their wellness experts offer advice to individuals of all ages and abilities. They aim to help everyone optimize their lives and lifestyles through cooking, yoga, exercise, nutrition and meditation.


How to cope with COVID-19. The Samujana villa of Thailand provides stress management tips.

Staying at home and social-distancing to be protected from COVID-19 are now part of the daily routine for people around the world. This can affect well-being and overall mental health.

To help everyone cope with these stressful times, Samujana has launched a free series of wellness videos, tutorials, and articles. These will help people keep healthy and fit while also easing their anxiety at home.

The tutorials on cooking, meditation, yoga & exercises are available on Samujana Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. These can also be received through newsletters and viewed on Blogs in Samujana’s website

How to cope with COVID-19 stress


“We understand that coronavirus has disrupted the exercise and work schedule of people around the world,” said John Dopere, Samujana’s General Manager.

“We want people to stay active and healthy at home, and the wellness series is our way to help people achieve this or at least inspire some ideas.”

John Dopere, Samujana General Manager

“As our guests can’t come to us right now, we want to do what we can to bring Samujana to everyone’s home,” said Karen Slocombe, Director of Sales and Marketing of Samujana.

The content of the wellness series is structured around Samujana’s wellness pillars below.


Different types of meditation provide a relaxing effect to fight anxiety and stress while calming the body and mind.

Yoga and Exercise

Keep the body strong and fit with movement.


Recipes that can easily be recreated for at home. Guests who can’t eat Thai food in Thailand can undertake the next best thing by cooking themselves. This is also a great activity to do as a family. It can reduce anxiety during trying times.


The wellness experts of Samujana offer simple strategies to relax the body and mind and to get enough sleep.