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Rob Schneider brought the house down at Solaire. And the perfect way to end a Travelife to Tanzania.

I can’t believe that the last 36 hours spanned at least three continents, six meals, and way too many interesting things, even in a never-ending Travelife.

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I woke up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, after three safari experiences and an island holiday, and finally went to bed in Manila after a night spent laughing at the Rob Schneider stand-up comedy show for Travelife Magazine at Solaire resort in Manila.

The last 36 hours began in the bustling African town of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, although we never felt it, as we’d stayed over at a lovely boutique hotel right by the sea in the best part of town.

It was quiet and peaceful where we were.


This boutique hotel was a genuine find.

It had only eight rooms, and it was really more of a house than a hotel. 

Everything was simply but beautifully done  — from the interiors of the public rooms and the bedrooms, to the meals.

Most people who stay at this quietly luxurious hotel do so on full board, and so did we.

So we had one rather late lunch, one very nice dinner, and one satisfyingly healthy breakfast.


All meals were taken on a terrace facing a garden with a swimming pool and a very large tree, reminding us of old-style houses in New Manila.

It was very comfortable and relaxing, and it was the perfect way to end a pretty wonderful two weeks in Tanzania, living a Travelife.

Not that there is a perfect way to end a nice holiday.


So many things were waiting back home and ending a holiday is a part of a Travelife.

But since we flew out of Dar es Salaam on the long way back to Asia, I couldn’t help feeling rather sad about it all. This melancholy feeling continued even after returning to Manila.

Fortunately, I literally had no time to be sad.

That’s Rob Schneider, reading Travelife Magazine…

From the airport, I went home to drop my bags.

Then off I went to Solaire Resort to join the rest of the Travelife team and our valued partners for the Rob Schneider stand-up comedy show tonight.

When I got to Solaire, the lobby was already teeming with people, including many celebrities who had come to watch Rob Schneider in action.


Our hardworking Travelife team and the teams of our partners had everything immaculately set-up, and things were going like clockwork.

Yes, I’d been in Tanzania on a Travelife for two weeks, during which we’d released our latest issue and organized three major events

Almost everything had been done without me, as I was in Africa chasing black rhinos, in places with slow Internet connection.

I’d even lost my phone on the first day of my holiday, which is half a bad thing and half a good thing. But it’s also meant I’ve been almost incommunicado for the last two weeks.

We truly have the best magazine team in town.

Everyone at Travelife Magazines works incredibly hard, and does an amazing job.


And what a fun evening we had at Solaire Resort, watching Rob Schneider’s stand-up comedy show.

Even I had underestimated how much Rob Schneider would make me laugh.

“Great show. Rob Schneider had us in stitches.”
– comment on Facebook

Sitting in the third row, I was giggling the whole night.

Meanwhile many of my friends, who were seated with me in the same row, were holding their sides, almost bursting with laughter.

Rob Schneider with a loyal fan.
Can you see what he’s written on a large sign?

In fact, the entire ballroom of 2000 people were laughing practically the whole night.

It was a great way to return to Manila, seated amidst friends and laughing the entire evening at the jokes and antics of a top Hollywood comedian.

So maybe there is a less than imperfect way to end a holiday after all. At least in a never-ending Travelife.

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