Remembering a wonderful trip to South Africa, while helping a Travelife reader plan hers.

The contemporary and cool Fusion Maia Resort in Danang.
Get the villas fronting the fantastic beach
for a Travelife experience…

Last week, at the Fusion Maia Resort in Danang, Vietnam, living a Travelife, I was on my computer while having the best foot massage I’ve had in a long time.

The spa receptionists there were having a field day with me, by the way, as they kept saying that I’m either getting a massage or on my computer. Or both.

One of them said: “You work so hard!

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Yes, that’s a given in a never-endingly eventful Travelife, when you want every single hour of every single day to count for something.

And especially if you never want to stop traveling either.

Somewhere in all that traveling, work needs to be fit in.


And so I’m on my computer whenever I get even a spare minute, and sometimes — actually oftentimes — even while having a foot massage or a head massage.

But last week, while I was having my foot massage, however, I wasn’t editing or writing articles.

I was sending a bunch of emails to my friends in South Africa.

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A Travelife reader and her family are in South Africa right now, you see, on a bespoke trip that we helped her plan.

I don’t ordinarily help readers plan their trips as I have my hands full as it is, with my own trips.

But this lady was very persuasive and she badly needed a break, so I agreed to help with the legwork.

She wanted a Travelife to South Africa. As in the real thing, with all the works. So I helped her create a bespoke trip that mirrors our own Travelife to South Africa last November almost exactly.


In fact, this planning exercise for her was such a big trip down memory lane for me – even if my own Africa trip was actually just six months ago – that I got positively sentimental doing this.


The safari experience at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve.
We loved our stays at Selati Camp and Earth Lodge.
I like Little Bush Lodge too.

I work really hard on our Travelife experiences for readers, as well as on my own trips for myself and with my friends.

I always want the best of breed when possible, and that’s hard work getting everything right, especially in terms of logistics. Not to mention budgets.


But when a valued Travelife reader puts her entire family’s trip in my hands, carte blanche, I really feel responsible even if I shouldn’t.

So I’ve been on emails back and forth with South Africa for the last two weeks.

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I just loved the old-fashioned charm of the Westcliff in Johannesburg…

And today I sent everyone I’d met in the hotels and restaurants we’d visited in the Cape Town area emails.

I asked all of them to take very good care of this Travelife reader and her family when they came to stay or dine.


This is how much we value people who read and follow Travelife.

But that’s a Travelife for you.

We’re way more than just a magazine. I hope you know that by now.

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