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Remembering B and planning a trip to the Middle East

Tonight, on my way home from emceeing a formal dinner for 300 persons for an international peace prize event at the Peninsula Manila, I did a shortcut through some neighborhoods to evade late-night construction work and traffic on McKinley Avenue.

In doing so, I passed by my old friend B’s house — a lovely house full of memories of good times. When she was living in Manila, we saw each other at least once every week, if not usually twice or thrice a week.

And when we weren’t eating out or going to some event together, we were in each other’s houses all the time.

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Passing her house and remembering these good old days made me suddenly miss her a whole lot. So right there and then, I sent her a message from my phone to let her know I was thinking of her at 1030 PM on a Tuesday night, halfway around the world.


Then I started thinking about everyone else I’ve been missing, both in Manila and around the world, and I began sending them emails and BBMs from my phone as I was still on my way home.

For some reason, I passed lots of friends’ houses last night and I sent most of them messages as well, just to say hello. I also remembered people I haven’t seen in ages, and they got emails and BBMs from me as well.


So if you got one of my messages last night, you know you’re not only on my Christmas card list, but also on my missing-you-a-lot list…

Fortunately my friend B replied right away, and so we had a long overdue chat about everything and anything. It’s funny how we haven’t seen each other in ages; but when we chatted tonight, it was just like I saw her last week.

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Anyway, we decided to meet up somewhere in the world early next year, even for a long weekend. It needs to be somewhere halfway between New York and Manila and we’re not really Hawaii or West Coast types.


“Let’s do a long weekend in Europe when the weather warms up a bit,” I suggested. She knows I don’t need any excuse to fly to Europe, as I just love being anywhere in Europe at any time.

Then I added: “Or we can do the Middle East. Or even Africa.” Yes, Africa’s still on my mind. I’m already listing down places to go in Africa for next year.

But the Middle East sounded good to her, and already I was thinking about the places still left on my bucket list for the Middle East.

“Let’s both think about it and compare notes,” I said. And on that note, I said good night and started planning another chapter in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife….



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