Photos from a long weekend in Hokkaido, in the lovely hot springs inns in Niseko and Otaru

Good afternoon from the port city of Hakodate, living a #Travelife.

As I’m now on a Silversea cruise sailing the Sea of Japan, with not too much time to write about my many adventures, I thought I’d post some photos of beautiful Hokkaido, including of the scenery I enjoyed and the beautiful hot springs ryokans we stayed in.


We stayed in three hot springs ryokan, considered the best in the area, and they were all lovely in their own ways.

And here are the best onsen towns in Hokkaido, in my opinion: Lake Shikotsu, Noboribetsu, Otaru and a little town not too far from Niseko. Interestingly, I’ve been to Otaru four times but this is the first time I stayed at an onsen, and the waters were so effective for me.

More on these in later blog entries, when I find more time, as now I’m on holiday, rereading Jane Austen’s novels on the terrace as we sail along the Japan Sea coast.

IN 2016

By the way, we’re planning several trips to Hokkaido in 2016, so email us  if you want to come along.

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