Panasonic’s picture quality is taken to new levels across the 2018 4K UHD TV range thanks to their 4K Pro HDR technology with next-generation Hollywood Cinema Experience (HCX) 4K processor and 4K Hexa Chroma Drive Pro. The new Hexa Chroma Drive is sure to deliver the best picture quality possible.

The Panasonic FZ950 Series 4K PRO HDR OLED TV

Panasonic unveiled its next generation of OLED televisions as the centerpiece of its impressive 2018 TV line-up. The FZ1000 and FZ950 OLED Series feature the latest enhancements to Panasonic’s proprietary Hollywood Cinema Experience (HCX) 4K processor, delivering the most accurate picture quality, as Hollywood filmmakers intended.

“It’s not just us who believe the latest Panasonic televisions are uniquely designed to show pictures in the way they were created to be seen. Some of the film and TV industry’s biggest names now use Panasonic OLED televisions as an essential part of their work processes,” said Terry Saito, Director of AV Merchandising Division, Panasonic Appliances Marketing Asia Pacific.

The Panasonic FZ950 Series 4K PRO HDR OLED TV

Panasonic has expanded its OLED range this year with the introduction of two series – the FZ1000 and FZ950. All feature the most powerful generation of Panasonic’s 4K Pro HDR technology with the newest OLED panel and the advanced HCX 4K processor.

Both 2018 OLED range now feature an Absolute Black Filter to provide the most accurate black levels by absorbing ambient light in order to eliminate reflections – especially beneficial in brightly lit rooms. The new TVs are also THX® and Ultra HD Premium certified.

To complement its superior picture, the FZ1000 OLED Series boasts an upgraded Dynamic Blade Speaker, with Technics engineers responsible for every stage of development, from mechanical and electrical circuit design through to sound tuning, to produce best in class sound for an integrated TV speaker.  It boasts a 40 percent volume increase, with multiple speaker units: four larger woofers, four squawkers and two tweeters, plus a quad passive radiator to boost bass. Design aesthetics have also been enhanced, with the sound blade able to be wall mounted completely flush with the TV.

The Panasonic FZ950 Series 4K PRO HDR OLED TV

FZ1000 is available in 65-inch panel and FZ950 is available in 55-inch panel. Panasonic is also launching an impressive range of 4K UHD LED LCD TVs; FX700 Series in 65-inch and 55-inch screen sizes, and the FX600 Series in 49-inch and 43-inch screen sizes.

From the FX700 Series upwards, Panasonic will offer compatibility with open platform HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology – set to provide superior color, contrast, and highlights on a scene-by-scene basis.

Further enhancements that Panasonic included are Dynamic Scene Optimiser and Auto HDR Brightness Enhancer. Dynamic Scene Optimiser uses picture analysis to mimic dynamic metadata when playing an HDR10 source. The TV detects brightness and optimizes how each scene appears, rather than relying on the ‘one size fits all’ metadata provided by material mastered in the industry standard HDR10 format.

The Panasonic FZ1000 Series 4K PRO HDR OLED TV

Furthermore, Auto HDR Brightness Enhancer ensures the best viewing experience by adjusting HDR content manually or automatically. A light sensor built into the TV continually monitors the ambient light levels in a room and adjusts the way HDR pictures are reproduced accordingly. Consumers can adjust the HDR brightness manually, using 15 different setting levels.

All 2018 smart TVs have been upgraded to the new My Home Screen 3.0 operating system for hassle-free viewing and content access. This highly customizable OS allows faster access to users’ favorite apps such as Netflix and YouTube.