Paella in Valencia and sweets for the sweetest

Hello from Valencia, living a Travelife.

Until I actually master typing out a blog on an iPad just a little bigger than my wallet, I will have to contend with some rather short entries.

And do not get me started on uploading all the beautiful photos I have been taking, as I just cannot seem to do this on the mini iPad.

I have found a tortuous way to do it, but I just cannot upload everything this way until I am back on my MacBook Pro again.

Please have a look at the Travelife Magazine Facebook Fan Page instead, for great photos on Spain in real time.


Today in Valencia was one of those perfect Travelife sort of days.

The weather was fine and we had the entire day to walk around the old town of Valencia, a district so gracefully beautiful and also terribly interesting.


Valencia is a mix of the ancient and the cutting edge. When you walk down a street, you never know what surprises you will find.

I was really lucky as I found two great vintage shops and a couple of really cutting edge design shops.


I also walked into this lovely candy store filled from floor to ceiling with jars and jars of colorful candies. A real delight for a sweet lover.

Ironically, I had been having this message exchange with someone halfway across the world about sweets, via a combination of text and BBMs.

So it was a rather funny twist of fate to find this amazing sweet shop just as we were talking about sweets.


And then we ended the morning with a very nice paella lunch in one of the most famous paella restaurants in Valencia. It was old and quaint, and frequented mainly by locals. We had the original Valencia paella, which incidentally contains only chicken, rabbit, broad beans and some flat green beans.

Unlike paella almost anywhere else in the world, including in my own home, the paella of Valencia is surprising sparse but very tasty.

They do not put seafood or pork in a Valencia traditional paella,

Oh yes, and they never eat paella for dinner. Paella is usually a Sunday lunch dish…unless a couple of foreigners come to town and inist on having paella afor dinner, that is.