Packing a dozen colorful caftans for Morocco. And about no wasted time, wasted efforts, wasted opportunities, or wasted space in my luggage.

I spent this morning doing pre-packing for my upcoming trip to Morocco with 35 friends, thinking carefully about what I’m going to bring to make sure every item of clothing in my luggage is useful, appropriate and maintenance-free.

I’m not thinking much about the luggage weight allocation at this point, although weight admittedly does count as the bottom line in the end.

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But right now, I’m more concerned about space and user-friendliness, as well as having enough clothes to wrap around all the breakable handcrafted plates I want to bring back home to complete one set of exotic Moroccan dishes for entertaining.

Everything needs to have a reason for being in my luggage — and in my life, actually. Brevity and precision in thought, action and possessions is just a general philosophy I have for life. 

No wasted efforts, no wasted time, no wasted opportunities, and certainly no wasted space in my luggage either. And, oh yes, no wasted tears. Life is just too short for these.


For daytime on our #Travelife to Morocco, I’ve told everyone that it’s casual and comfortable, so even I have packed an entire set of gym clothes in black for easy mix-and-match and quick turnaround with the laundry service.

But for dinners every night — we are eating in some of the best restaurants in Morocco, and also in some of the most beautiful places — I’ve decided to bring a dozen colourful caftans that I’ve assembled from my many trips to Sri Lanka and the Middle East.

The caftans are light and crumple-free and they fit right in with the vibrance of Morocco. And I can use them afterwards to wrap my plates in.


Besides, I thought it’s time to bring back color into my life as I’ve been wearing black almost unfailingly for the past two years or so.

So every night in Morocco, I’m going to be wearing a caftan handprinted or handpainted in the most vibrant colors for dinner in a beautiful palace or exotic riad, living a never-ending, and never-endingly happy #Travelife.