Oysters, seafood salad and an amazing seafood and lemon risotto for a last lunch at Sofitel Bahrain

Today in Bahrain, living a Travelife, we decided to have lunch at La Mer, the fine dining restaurant of the Sofitel Bahrain, right by the sea.

This is considered the top fine dining restaurant in Bahrain, and it’s really very good.

Today was my second time to eat here, and I was happy to order everything I liked the first time I had dinner here.

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The actual fine dining restaurant isn’t open for lunch so we had our meal at the bar on the ground floor. 

And when I walked in, the chef said to me: “Six oysters again to start?

Yes, I love oysters, and I have them whenever I see them on the menu, anywhere in the world, living a Travelife.

And the last time I had dinner at La Mer, I had six oysters as my first course out of a pretty amazing five-course meal.


The oysters were fresh, plump and ever so juicy.

They were perfect for the hot day in Bahrain, especially with a glass of champagne.

Then for the next course, we ordered a delicious seafood salad. Again, we’d had this salad on our first meal here and we’d loved it.

So there we were again today, ordering the very same wonderful things, living a Travelife.


For the main course, though, I actually felt like having some carbs.

I’ve been incredibly good about carbs on this trip, actually, with the exception of a risotto or two, so I felt I deserved some carbs on the very last day of this holiday.

Then the chef said: “I can make you a risotto like you’ve never tasted in your life.

Oh my goodness.

That was all the push I needed to order those extra thousand calories.

And when the risotto finally arrived, it was indeed like no other. 

Not all bathrooms are created equal…
Sofitel Bahrain

It was rich and creamy, and perfectly cooked, with flecks of seafood and herbs all over, and a lovely hint of candied lemon that somehow made me think of a holiday I once took at the beautiful Palazzo Sasso along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, when it first opened as the most glamorous new hotel in the area.

But then I cut my reverie short, as my spa therapist was waiting.

Yes, I’d booked a long and relaxing thalassotherapy session at the Sofitel Bahrain Thalassotherapy spa to help me get into the right mode for the long flight back to Asia.

And that’s another nice story for another time on this blog, on just another sunny day in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.