One of Sri Lanka’s most stylishly beautiful hotels is all mine tonight.

Good evening from slightly in the middle of nowhere in Sri Lanka, living a never-endingly eventful Travelife.

I just checked into one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful and most stylish hotels — it was one of the first hotels to put Sri Lanka on the map for chic — and I have the entire place to myself.

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Even in a never-ending Travelife, this is a first. It’s like having your own amazing, picturesque estate with interiors straight out of an interior design magazine — and without the usual hassles of estate ownership.

Just the upside.


This is the lounge for drinks and reading…

I love it, but I should’ve brought someone along to share this experience with.

It took me about four hours to get here. When I arrived, it was past sunset and practically the entire staff was waiting, and the whole estate was dramatically lit up to be truly breathtaking.

Then, the manager gave me the clincher: “You’re the only guest tonight. The whole staff is waiting for you.”


Well, absolutely nothing was spared for this one rather finicky guest.

Everything was open, lit-up and full-service.

And now I’m at the dining pavilion, between dinner courses, and an interesting and enjoyable mixture of sentimental old music and Buddha Bar-type instrumental music is wafting across the estate on loudspeakers.

It’s very nice, but I guess that if I suddenly wanted to plug my iPod into the hotel speakers so that Al Jarreau’s “Gimme what you got” (which is what I’d been listening in the car to with some sentimental feeling earlier…) or Al Green’s “Let’s stay together” wafted through the whole estate, instead, I’d be able to do so.

It’s practically my estate tonight, after all.


I could even jump into the pool after dessert with all my clothes on (or off, perhaps…) and no one would bat an eyelash as there are no other guests around.

I really planned a short  trip all by myself to get some alone time, as I’m always traveling with people.

So far, everything was working perfectly.

But now, with this beautiful place all to myself, I really wish I’d brought someone along. Things like this are so meant to be shared, in a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife….thank goodness I have no more solo trips planned for the rest of the year.