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Vietnamese women leaders who bridge the gap between Vietnamese and the Western cultures and economies

These new Vietnamese women who bridge Vietnamese and the Western cultures and economies continue to leave marks on the development of Vietnam, changing people’s thinking and the way Vietnam develops for decades to come. These dynamic Vietnamese women are reformers who bridge East and West cultures as well as businesses with their entrepreneurship skills, innovative and creative ideas, and successful companies with social impact. They represent intriguing models for new women’s leadership in Asia.


Each woman offers a powerful view from the perspective of modern Vietnam. Amy Do, born in Vietnam and raised in the United States with an Ivy League education, is a successful entrepreneur who has been working and living across these two continents for two decades.

Amy Do founded a series of businesses in the United States and Vietnam. She is a consultant for high-end property projects in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) regions.


Meanwhile, Nguyen Thu Huong, a successful serial entrepreneur is passionate about committing to create new value for  communities, and in joining hands to solve social problems. Nguyen Thu Huong has been devoted to connecting companies within the international and domestic business communities.

These inspiring women share their latest ventures.

Amy’s recent project includes consulting for a developer of a 4-billion USD world-class casino integrated resort and leisure park in Central Vietnam. This project will set a new benchmark for high-end tourism in Vietnam.

Amy Do, co-founder of Nature gift LLC and consultant for HOIANA

Why did you pick an industry that is dominated by men? And in a country like Vietnam?

Controlled by man? Maybe in the past, maybe in the “old world.” Asia has quite a few successful women property developers. But, yes, we are still in a male-dominated industry. My experience as a founder of a pharmaceutical company and in organizing property development shows in Vietnam is that Vietnam is a place women can succeed in very well. But I am still making things beautiful, like showcasing Vietnam as a more beautiful place and I am trying to change the way the world looks at Vietnam.

What makes the latest project in Da Nang so special?

First, it is not just a hotel development but an integrated development with a golf course, villas, and a school. The project I currently do consulting for will create an estimated 2,000 jobs for local residents.

We commit to establishing a hospitality school that will train employees not only for the project but for other tourism businesses in this growing region, bringing economic prosperity and opportunity to the Quang Nam province and encouraging economic growth in Vietnam. That is the main reason I am in the project.

In the global economy, no country in today’s world can seal itself off from foreign goods, services, and capital. To foster stronger and more inclusive growth for Vietnam, we need a closer international cooperation and economic integration. That is the only way forward.

Besides generating jobs, I want to introduce Vietnam as a very beautiful destination to the world.

What made you start your own business?

In my 20s, I  had the wonderful privilege of working with progressive leaders whose desire was to improve life through their works in companies like P&G and VinaCapital. However, creativity simply may be cut out with the limitations of corporate life. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Entrepreneurship was always part of me. So in my 30s, I founded a few companies in California and Vietnam. Entrepreneurship opened up my world to amazing horizons and opportunities I would never have had if I didn’t taken the risk to open the door one day and jump into my dream. I am grateful to have chosen the way I live as a woman entrepreneur, and I am grateful for the positive impact I have had on thousands of lives with my products.


Amy has an MBA degree from Columbia Business School. She is co- founder of Nature Gift LLC in Los Angeles. She was on the Top 50 list of the Women Leaders’ International Network in 2014 and is recognized by the President of Vietnam for her fast growing company Vita Bella in Vietnam.

2nd Runner up: Nguyen Thu Huong

Huong Nguyen, CEO of Nam Huong Corporation

Nguyen Thu Huong is founder and president of the Women Leaders International Network and Director of Nam Huong Corp.

“Fortune will not last long if it is kept in your own.”
Footsteps build roads.
Being good is not enough.”

Being a pioneer to build new roads, create new community values, and join hands to solve social problems, Nguyen Thu Huong has been devoted to connecting the business community domestically and internationally. She also succeeds in creating a professional image that is stylish, brave, and dynamic in these modern times. She always pushes her own limits by trying new positions because she thinks every woman has a right to be beautiful, successful, and happy.

Huong Nguyen, CEO of Nam Huong Corporation

Connector and Community Leader

For five years now, besides running her own business, Ms. Huong has been traveling across Vietnam to build the Women Leader International Network (WLIN), which has more than 500 members now. This begs the question why she has never stopped working so hard, despite her success. Fame? Wealth? Not so, as she attained all that.

Huong keeps asking herself, “Why do I have to face so much hardship? But after all, any fortune cannot last long if I discontinue joining hands to build a better world. I am so lucky to have many things; I would like to share with the community and society and helping women leaders enjoy more interesting lives.”

With that, Huong decided to establish WLIN to help women leaders balance their business, families, and personal lives in order to be happier, more beautiful, and more successful. According to her, when women have three “weapons,” they can make profound changes to society.

“I care about creating activities for women leaders because they are persistent and influential; they provide jobs to the workforce; and they are really progressive. Therefore, they can self-develop; and if they have environment to innovate more, they can exert effect on other women, their families and even their staff’s families,” Ms. Huong shares.

According to her, “Our subsequent generation could play together with friends in a world sharing the same ‘language.’”

Pioneer of new things

If you want to write a new story for your entrepreneur, call Ms. Thu Huong because she always has new ideas in her mind. She has a great source of energy that entices anyone she meets for the first time. This is also her “weapon” to conquer new things.

Except for natural ability, the very first factor to maintain the eternal flame of passion for work, especially as a leader, is observation. “When anything happens, I always go backward to observe. Perhaps this habit had emerged when I was a young journalist. While other people let themselves be the lead actor or actress in the ‘stage’ of life, I try to go backward as a director to look at my life’s adventure, and then recognize the basis and reason of anything happening.”

Leader in Communications 

Ms. Thu Huong is always a pioneer and making people follow. She has established Top 100 Business Style to honor businessmen and businesswomen who have made great achievements and contributed to society. This work is in addition to managing Nam Huong Corp.

Ms. Thu Huong is also a strategic adviser on communication for large enterprises. Some of her most significant projects include CapitaLand Vietnam, AIS, SNA, Doji, FLC (Miss Vietnam Heritage Global), ACG, Ba Na Hills (Miss Sport), Top 100 Business Style, and Beauty Power.

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