Travelife picks some of the most effective skincare products for the face and body. These natural skincare products have been formulated to enhance one’s inner glow.


Hello Gorgeous Brightening Whitening Soap Beauty Products
Brightening Soap

The Brightening Facial Kit by Hello Gorgeous is perfect for uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Brightening Soap lightens the skin with bearberry and calamansi extracts. On the other hand, the Brightening Toner exfoliates the skin and controls excess oil.

Meanwhile, the Ultra Bright Serum removes hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Brightening Cream is a multi-function moisturizer, while the UV Shield Cream is a natural sunblock with SPF 30.

The current issue of Travelife Magazine features Bushman's Kloof in South Africa
The current issue of Travelife Magazine features Bushman’s Kloof in South Africa


VMV Hypoallergenics Boo Boo Balm Beauty Products
Boo-boo Balm

Clark Wash from VMV Hypoallergenics is an allergen-free hair and body shampoo that soothes and hydrates. The Armada Sport 70 is a powerful yet lightweight skin protector for the extreme outdoors. Meanwhile the Boo-boo Balm nourishes and repairs skin exposed to severe weather conditions.


Pixi Skincare Rose Tonic Beauty Products
Rose Tonic

Pixi Magic has a wide range of unique products. It uses plant-based extracts to exfoliate and moisturize skin for a radiating glow. The paraben-free Rose Tonic balances the PH levels of the skin and calms redness.

The T-zone Peel Off Mask eliminates stubborn impurities for a refreshed complexion. Meanwhile the Glow O2 Oxygen Mask combats dullness with probiotics and ginseng. Spritz on the Hydrating Milky Mist to refresh tired skin with instant hydration.


Snoe Beauty Stink Positive Instant Shower Spray Cold Shower Beauty Products
Stink Positive! Instant Shower Spray Cold Shower

Snoe Beauty’s Eau LaLa Magical Micellar Gel removes oil, makeup, and dirt while hydrating skin. On the other hand, Stink Positive! Instant Shower Spray Cold Shower is a convenient travel product. It contains anti-bacterial and antimicrobial ingredients to cleanse hair, body, and fabrics.


Himalaya Complete Care Line Botanique Toothpaste
Complete Care Toothpaste

Himalaya is well-known for its natural skincare products. Its new range of Botanique Toothpaste is made with USDA certified ingredients that are clinically proven effective and safe. The Complete Care Line reduces plaque. It also helps prevent gingivitis and gum inflammation. Meanwhile the Whitening Complete Care Line includes natural whiteners.


DERMAX Hyal-C Serum Skincare Beauty Products
Hyal-C Serum

Start the day with Skin Station’s cleanser, serum, and sunscreen. The DERMAX Bamboo Water Foaming Facial Cleanser dissolves impurities while moisturizing the skin. Follow this up with the antioxidant-rich DERMAX Hyal-C Serum to revitalize skin, and then end with the DERMAX UV Milk Anti-Aging to protect against UV rays.


Human Heart Nature Hydrating Face Toner Skincare Beauty Products
Hydrating Face Toner

Human Nature creates natural skincare products with a purpose. These simple but effective products are also well-priced and attractively packaged.

Start the night regimen with Human Nature’s natural products. The Bare Necessity Cleansing Balm includes virgin coconut oil that dissolves makeup and hydrates skin. The Hydrating Creamy Wash is a gentle cleanser that has a well of antioxidant vitamins E, C, and A.

On the other hand, the Human Nature Hydrating Toner has a unique blend of plant collagen and moringa seed extract to moisturize the skin. The jojoba oil and pure collagen in the Night Moisturizer keep the skin supple and encourage renewal the next day.


Lunas Living Oils Baby Beauty Products
Lunas Living Oils

Lunas Living Oils uses a signature multi-purpose coco-moringa carrier oil for their products. The Daily Essentials line provides intensive nourishment for the skin. Meanwhile the Baby & Me Collection includes the Glycerine Soap, Hair & Body Oil, and Antibacterial Skin Salve, which are ideal for sensitive skin.


Nautica Voyage Heritage Perfume Cologne Fragrance Men
Nautica Voyage Heritage

Nautica Voyage Heritage uses the scents of peppermint, ginger, and amber to create fresh notes inspired by the sea. This pays homage to the brand’s history.


Maison Berdoues 1902 Tradition Eau de Toilette Amande Tonka Perfume Fragrance Women
Amande & Tonka Eau de Toilette

Maison Berdoues’ 1902 Tradition Eau de Toilette collection highlights the fragrance of gardens with four diverse colognes.

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