Breakfasts in India, living a Travelife

Every morning in India, living a never-endingly eventful Travelife, I made my jaded friend wait quite a bit at the hotel restaurant so that we could have breakfast together.

I was always busy answering emails and doing a bit of work before getting my act together for breakfast, since India was two-and-a-half hours behind in terms of time; so wake-up time was just about the moment that two dozen emails for the day started landing in my In Box from the other side of Asia.

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Then I always ordered my usual breakfast starter, which is a tray of all kinds of juices. The juices vary depending on the destination and the ability of the hotel to think out of the box.

The simplest juice that every luxury hotel worth its salt can do, in my experience so far, is a carrot-and-apple juice.

So I always order a couple of glasses of this, and throw in some orange juice when I can.


Another observation I’ve made is that the best luxury hotels never bat an eyelash even when the strangest requests are being made.

In India, we stayed in some of the best hotels in the country. Two of them even make it to the small list of the very best hotels in the world.

So, of course, when I ordered my usual battalion of juices for breakfast, the waiters took my orders for five different kinds of juices as calmly and professionally as if they were just receiving an order for scrambled eggs.


Nevertheless, it certainly made an impression on everyone around each time a waiter arrived balancing a tray of multi-colored juices.

This was when my jaded friend always felt the need to speak up. I think he actually enjoyed saying: “They’re all for her. She drinks this everyday.

It’s true, though.


This is my breakfast on most days, except when I’m completely on holiday and not thinking about an itinerary, or a blog to write, or an email to answer.

If I’m on super relax mode, I follow up the juices with an order of eggs benedict. But otherwise, it’s definitely the tray of juices.

In Manila, I like to do the Juju juice detox every so often, especially after returning from a trip full of good eating.

In India this week, living a Travelife

And the simple reason for this is that juices free my hands for typing and working on the computer — I can literally drink my breakfast and work in a relatively short period of time.

India had lots of delicious juices as well.

The watermelon juice was great, as was an interesting mixture of papaya and ginger at one hotel in Gujarat.


But the discovery of the trip was a thick juice made freshly-squeezed from sweet limes.

Until the very last moment of the very last meal in India, we were ordering glasses and glasses of this juice simply because we knew these would be hard to get back in our part of the world.

Looks like we just have to include India again in a never-endingly eventful Travelife. Even just for those delicious sweet limes.