Meeting the President of Singapore tonight. And about taking First Class on Singapore Airlines.

Tonight, in Manila living a Travelife, I attended a party in honor of the President of Singapore, H.E. Tony Tan Kem Yang, and his wife Mary.

The party was hosted by the Ambassador of Singapore, H.E. VP Hirubalan, and his wife Mano, and they very kindly invited me to join the gathering of mostly Singaporean nationals.

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I think I was the only Filipino guest present, aside from some Filipinos who were married to Singapore nationals — so tonight I was an honorary Singaporean, and a very happy one at that.

Interestingly, I didn’t think I would know anyone at this party, but I went anyway. And I was glad to realize I knew so many people in the Singaporean community after all.


I bumped into Ranjan Sha, country manager of Singapore Airlines, at this party. Together with his wife, we had a very nice chat about the ill effects of our wired world.

And then I brought up the new first class seats of Singapore Airlines, as I just attended the SIA launch party for this a few weeks back.

Ranjan told me: “The seats in first class are great, of course. But you really see a big difference in the service and the food. You should try it sometime.”

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Do birds fly? Does the sun set every evening? Of course I wanted to fly first class. But so far I’ve never been able to justify the extra expense to myself, as business class is perfectly fine.

I smiled at him and said: “Maybe when I win the lottery. Or when the stock market goes up again.

He then said: “First class is not as expensive as you’d think. You should really try it one of these days.


So I then asked him: “Which is your longest haul flight? If I’m going to take first class, I’m going to get it for a route that’s worth going truly luxe for.”

Plus, to do this and really get the bang for your buck, you should really go for the first class on the A380 jets.

There are basically two routes for this on Singapore Airlines, if you’re thinking to justify the cost of first class by the comfort you’re receiving over the distance you’re traveling.

These are the South America route and the New York route. The New York route is a long one via Frankfurt — but I’ll bet it seems a way lot shorter when you’re ensconced in the first class suite of Singapore Airlines.

And I already know which one I’m taking, one day in my never-ending and never-endingly eventful Travelife.