Meeting Mr. Perfect in Bangkok, on a perfectly wonderful day, in the beautiful The Siam

Some days are better than others, in a never-endingly eventful Travelife, even if almost everyday is interesting and fulfilling.

And today certainly counts as one of the best days so far of 2013.

Coincidentally, it’s also the first official day of my Travelife 2013. Yes, my Travelife for the year started today, and it certainly began with a bang.

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With such a great beginning, it’s hard to think how the rest of the year will top this.

I am living it up at The Siam, a member of the Small Luxury Hotels group, and one of the best and most exclusive hotels in the world for 2012. 

And almost certainly for 2013 as well, after all.

It’s so exclusive that everyone in the staff knows your name and what’s on your calendar for activities for the day.

But looking at my calendar on my computer, it looks like a banner year for a Travelife.

FOR 2013

For my Travelife 2013:

Lots of cutting-edge places and edgy concept destination places, a couple of really great foodie trips, and safaris with the wow factor in every sense.

And those are just the major trips.

Yes, I thought I’d better put my ever-growing safari wardrobe to good use by going to Botswana, Namibia and perhaps South Africa again.


The Siam in Bangkok is really something else, though, even in a Travelife. No kidding. Especially if you get one of the rooms right by the river.

It’s the most exclusive hotel in this city. Get used to peace and quiet, and having a dozen people concerned about everything you do. And that’s a good thing. I love it.

I woke up this morning after a really good nine-hour sleep. Friends will tell you I never sleep, or at least I sleep very little. But last night, I slept so well after some time in the hotel spa and a really nice dinner by the river.


Then today it was a wonderful breakfast, again by the river.

I looked at the menu and they had eggs benedict. I was sorely tempted to order this, the way I always do practically everywhere else. But we were in Thailand for such a short holiday, so I figured I’d go local and order the Thai noodle soup with fish.

Boy, was that just fantastic. In fact, it’s so good I’m going to have it again tomorrow.

My companion ordered the rice with pork because I’d persuaded him to go local as well, even if he’s an eggs benedict person like me. It was very good, too, but frankly nothing topped my noodle soup.


While we were having breakfast, my personal butler — each of the pool villas has a personal butler on call 24-hours and so I had two in 12-hour shifts — was ever so efficiently arranging everything I had booked for today: a private cooking class, a three-hour spa treatment, a sunset cruise, and a degustation dinner.

I only had to tell my “day butler,” Jill once, and everything was undertaken perfectly and seamlessly.

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And I don’t just mean appointments.

He literally solved every little problem and got everything done without even bothering me about it — stuff like charging my camera while I had a massage, bringing my computer to the private pier so that I had it when I stepped off the boat after the sunset cruise, and finding a way to make my iPod work with the TV.

Mr. Perfect, in other words. I’ve stayed in lots of hotels with private butlers before, but few have been this good.

Now if only I could bring him back to Manila to help manage my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife. Wouldn’t that make everything wonderful?

More in a later blog entry. Got to enjoy this beautiful hotel now…


A member of the
Small Luxury Hotels (SLH)